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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


             With the NHL lockout looking like its never ending, the city of Montreal is soon to be at a stand still. The CFL and MLS seasons are coming to a close and with no post hockey events scheduled in the Bell Center throughout the winter months, the city of Montreal may become a city with no entertainment. Out of the 30 teams in the NHL, Montreal will be the city that is affected the most if the lockout goes past December. During the months from October to  April, the Canadiens were the main focus in Montreal. If theres no hockey, who will be the focus? The answer is nothing will be a focus as Montrealers will have to leave town to get some entertainment (apposed from drinking and gamboling).

      As for the Canadiens, it effects them both positively and negatively. The positive side is that players like, Palushaj and LeBlanc will gain more experience in the AHL and come back to the NHL game ready. The negative side is that, the Habs are coming off their worst season in Franchise history and were looking to erase that memory with a good start to the season. But with no games on the horizon this month the Habs will have to sit back and relax and hope for a new season. Another negative thing is that key players like Pacioretty and Markov have went to play over seas. What if they don't get the money they want with the new CBA agreement and don't come back?

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

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