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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bruins-Leafs Game 7 2013 NESN Highlights 5/13/13



TOR:   C. Franson (PPG, 09:35 - 1st) , C. Franson (05:48 - 2nd) , P. Kessel (02:09 - 3rd) , N. Kadri (05:29 - 3rd)
BOS:   M. Bartkowski (05:39 - 1st) , N. Horton (09:18 - 3rd) , M. Lucic (18:38 - 3rd) , P. Bergeron (19:09 - 3rd) , P. Bergeron (06:05 - OT)

TOR: J. Reimer (L)
 BOS: T. Rask (W)

       Last night in Boston, it was Game 7 between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Bruins. Earlier in the series, the Leafs trailed 3-1 and thanks to Reimer they tied the series at 3-3 and now they were looking to take the series. 5 minutes in, Franson gave the puck away to Bartowski and he ripped a shot past Reimer to make it 1-0 Boston. 4 minutes later with Toronto on a powerplay, van Riemsdyk's shot was stopped and Franson was there to tap home the rebound and the game is tied. The shots in the first were 12-7 Toronto. 5 minutes into the second, the Leafs took the lead on a shot from Franson from the point. They would take that lead into the third. The shots in the second were 8-6 Toronto.

      2 minutes into the third, Van Riemsdyks shot was stopped and the rebound went to Kadri and he hit the post, but Kessel tapped it home to give the Leafs a 3-1 lead. "He Scores! Thank you Kessel," says the Leafs broadcaster on Am640. Just 3 minutes later, Kadri scored to make it 4-1. Game over right? At the 10 minute mark, Lucic centred the puck to Horton and he scored to cut the lead to 2. Then with 3 minutes to play, Fratton had a breakaway and he missed the net. A few minutes later, Chara's point shot was stopped and Lucic put home the rebound to cut the lead to 1. With under a minute to play, Bergerons shot from the point beat Reimer to tie the game at 4-4. We would need overtime.

         6 minutes into O.T, Seguin fires a shot and it was stopped but the rebound went right to Bergeron and he scored to complete the comeback as the Bruins advance and the Leafs get eliminated. This was the first time in NHL history that a team has comeback down 3 goals in a Game 7 to win."We stayed resilient—I guess that's what I can say," said Bergeron, who had just one goal in the first six games. "We found a way. Not necessarily the way we would've liked to play the whole game, but like I said, we showed some character coming back in the game and we found a way in overtime. We had the momentum, I thought, and our legs were back. It felt good." In the loss, Reimer made 30 saves. In the win, Rask made 24 saves.

The Bruins will now play the New York Rangers in Round 2 of the playoffs.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Thursday, May 9, 2013



OTT:   Z. Smith (02:17 - 1st) , C. Conacher (12:26 - 1st) , K. Turris (SHG, 11:29 - 2nd) , D. Alfredsson (PPG, 06:22 - 3rd) , C. Conacher (PPG, 12:27 - 3rd) , E. Condra (PPG, 16:12 - 3rd)
MTL:   P. Subban (PPG, 19:45 - 1st)

OTT: C. Anderson (W)
 MTL: P. Budaj (L)

       Earlier tonight in Montreal, the Canadiens were back at home facing elimination down 3-1 in their first round series against the Senators. Budaj would get the start as Price was out with a lower body injury. The Habs came out firing from every angle but it would be the Senators that would open the scoring. 2 minutes in, Kassians shot was stopped by Budaj and he couldn't control the rebound and Smith put the puck home to make it 1-0 Ottawa. 2 minutes later the Habs were pressing and Bourque hit the post. 10 minutes later, Conacher came up the left wing and fired a shot past Budaj to make it 2-0.

      Then with under a minute to play in the period the Habs were on a powerplay and Subban fired a shot past Anderson from the point to cut the lead to 1. The shots after the first were 17-10 Montreal. Early in the second the Senators were on a powerplay, but Armstrong had a short handed breakaway and he hit the post. Turris would add a shorthanded goal in the second and the Sens had a 3-1 lead going into the third. The shots in the second were 11-8 Montreal. 6 minutes into the third with Ottawa on a powerplay, Alfrdssons point shot beat Budaj to make it 4-1. The Senators would add 2 more goals as they beat the Habs 6-1 and win the series 4-1.

    In the loss, Budaj made 23 saves on 29 shots. In the win, Anderson was the first star and he made 33 saves."He was the player of the series," Therrien said of Anderson.  The Sens coach agreed.
"For our team, Craig Anderson obviously was the MVP of this playoff series," said Ottawa coach Paul MacLean. "He was outstanding in every game.He gives us a chance to bend but not break, to recover, get our bearings. And once we do that, we're able to establish our game." It was no doubt that Anderson is the reason why Ottawa won this series as he made on average 30 plus saves a night and if the Sens go deep in the playoffs it will be because of him.

     "We just beat the Montreal Canadiens in the Stanley Cup playoffs,"MacLean said. "I mean, to me that's huge. I'm going to call my mom and say we finally beat her team." For Montreal, they now have to look forward to the future. They had a great bounce back season going from finishing 15th in the East to Second. So Montreal should be proud and you can expect them to come back better than ever next season and you can expect Montreal to end this Stanley Cup drought within the next 5-6 years.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Tuesday, May 7, 2013



MTL:   P. Subban (02:52 - 2nd) , A. Galchenyuk (03:54 - 2nd)
OTT:   M. Zibanejad (11:55 - 3rd) , C. Conacher (19:37 - 3rd) , K. Turris (02:32 - OT)

 OTT: C. Anderson (W)

          Earlier tonight in Ottawa, the Canadiens came out ready to play against the Senators and were looking to tie the series. But things don't always go according to plan. No score in the first and the shots were 9-9. 2:52 into the second the Habs came in on a 3 on 1 and Ryder played the puck to Plekanec and over to Subban and he scored high blocker on Anderson to make it 1-0. 58 seconds later, Galchenyuk came up the right wing and fired a shot over the glove of Anderson to make it 2-0 after 2. The shots in the second were 14-10 Montreal.

     To start the third, Montreal switched from playing aggressive to playing conservative, it would prove to be costly. 12 minutes into the third, Neil centred the puck to Zibanejad and he deflected the puck past Price with his skate to cut the lead to 1. The goal was reviewed and was determined that it wasn't kicked in. I disagree with the call as it looked to me that the Senators forward turned his left skate and deflected it in. That call gave Ottawa momentum. With over a minute to play, Montreal cleared the puck down the ice and Karelsson stopped skating and let the puck roll behind the Sens net for a icing call.

          Montreal already used there time out. So the tired players stayed on the ice and cleared the puck and Karelsson slowed down again and forced an icing call. Off the faceoff, Turris centred the puck to Conacher and he scored to tie the game. The game was tied at 2-2 and the shots in the third were 14-4 Ottawa. So we needed overtime. To start overtime, Montreal would be missing goalie, Carey Price with an lower-body injury and Brandon Prust with a shoulder injury. So Budaj was in goal for the Habs. 2 minutes in, Turris fired a shot from the left wing and it deflected off of Diaz and in to win the game and give Ottawa a 3-1 series lead.In the loss, Price made 30 saves on 32 shots and Budaj made 1 save on 2 shots.

      In the win, Anderson made 26 saves. This was a game where the refs spoiled it and everyone in Montreal and Ottawa knows it. The refs called 3 questionable icing calls in the final moments of the third along with that kicked in goal by Zibanejad. Horrible officiating leads to the loss."We came to play and that's exactly what we did," said Canadiens coach Michel Therrien. "We certainly deserved a better fate."It's one of those nights ... tough to explain." Over the past 10 years Montreal has come back down 3-1 two times.

      In 2004 they did it against the Bruins, in 2010 against the Capitals and now they have a better team... I have a feeling that Montreal will do it again. They've done before with a worse team and now with their best team in the past 15 years I believe they will do it again.Are we going to say we got a game stolen from us? That doesn't do anything for us, it does us no good," Canadiens defenseman Josh Gorges said. "We're down 3-1 no matter which way we want to explain it, so it doesn't matter."Our backs are now up against the wall and we don't have a choice but to come out swinging." Prust is expected to play in Game 5, but Carey Price is questionable.

Game 5 will be in Montreal on Thursday night.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Sunday, May 5, 2013



MTL:   R. Bourque (PPG, 14:34 - 1st)
OTT:   D. Alfredsson (PPG, 05:58 - 1st) , J. Pageau (04:40 - 2nd) , J. Pageau (01:18 - 3rd) , K. Turris (07:00 - 3rd) , J. Silfverberg (07:08 - 3rd) , J. Pageau (18:02 - 3rd)

MTL: C. Price (L)
 OTT: C. Anderson (W)
              Earlier tonight in Ottawa, the Senators were at home for Game 3 of the Round 1 series against the Montreal Canadiens. Both the Habs and Sens came out strong hitting everything in sight. 6 minutes in, the Senators were on a 5 on 3 powerplay and Gonchar with a slap pass to Alfredsson at the side of the net and he scored to make it 1-0. Late in the period with the Habs on a powerplay, Bourques shot from the slot trickled through the pads of Anderson to tie the game. The shots in the first were 12-11 Montreal.

       4 minutes into the second, Pageau came up the middle and fired a shot past Price to make it 2-1. On the play Subbans stick went up and knocked a tooth out of Pageaus mouth, but he was ok and happy because the Sens had the lead. The shots were 11-10 Montreal in the second. But in the third thing would fall apart for the Habs. 1 minute in, Pageau scored again to make it 3-1. Then at the 7 minute mark Turris scored to make it 4-1. Then off the insueing faceoff, Ryan White dropped the gloves with Cowen. Bouillon fought with Smith, Moen went with Phillips, Tinordi took on Kassian, Neil fought Moen and Subban fought Turris.

          All of those players were kicked out of the game along with a few others. So both teams were down to 10 players. Silverberg and Pageau (Hat-Trick) scored to make it 6-1 and that would be the final/ The Senators take a 2-1 series lead."It was a great night for the kid," MacLean said of Pageaus Hat-Trick. "He's come in and played very, very well for us. We're really pleased for him, he's been a good player.""He played a great game," Alfredsson said. "He had some great shots, picked the corners and it was fun for him." Towards the end of the game with under 20 seconds to play the Sens were on a powerpay and coach MacLean called a time out, which infuriated Habs coach Michel Therrien.

    "As far as I'm concerned that was classless," Therien said. MacLean defended his decision as he only had a few players on his bench and he felt there was no choice."I didn't want anyone to get hurt, it was already getting dumb enough as it was," MacLean said. "I have two important players on my team and I still have games to play. We're not giving them a freebie. There's already enough of that." Therrien had more to say about MacLean and his coaching methods."I don't like when a coach is making comments," Therien said. "I don't like a coach when trying to humiliate our team. I don't like that."

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Friday, May 3, 2013

Game 2: Ottawa @ Montreal



OTT:   M. Michalek (08:16 - 2nd)
MTL:   R. White (03:20 - 2nd) , B. Gallagher (04:13 - 2nd) , M. Ryder (18:57 - 2nd)

OTT: C. Anderson (L)
 MTL: C. Price (W)

       Earlier tonight in Montreal, it was Game 2 of the series between the Ottawa Senators and the Canadiens. Before the game there was plenty of back and forth comments to the media about that hit on Eller. Senators coach Paul Maclean blamed Diaz for Ellers injury as he sent a "Suicide pass" up the middle, which lead to a Gryba hit to the head. Eller now has some fractured bones in his face along with a dental fracture. Gryba was given a two game suspension. Habs coach was disgusted by Mecleans comments about Diaz. "An inappropriate comment," Therrien stated. "No respect for the player on the ice who was bleeding, not respect for his family in the stands...This is why we have new rules to avoid those hits.

          "That was a lack of respect to Lars Eller, a lack of respect to his family and I'm never going to accept that. Never." The Sens coach replied to that comment by telling Therrien to "Grow up." Prust was also displeased with Mecleans comment."He's already showed enough disrespect," Prust told the media. "We don't really care about what that bug-eyed fat walrus has to say." Onto the game.Brian Gionta and Max Pacioretty were out of the lineup for the game with upper-body injurys. There was no score in the second and the shots were 14-8 Montreal.  4 minutes into the second, Karlesson gave the puck away right to White in the slot and he poked the puck past Anderson to make it 1-0 Montreal.

     Less than a minute later, Galchenyuk centred the puck to Gallagher and he scored to make it 2-0. Michalek would cut the lead to 1. Then late in the period, Turris on the left wing played the puck to Gonchar on the right and Price went post to post to rob Gonchar. 1 minute to go in the second, Bourque played the puck to Ryder and he scored to make it 3-1. The shots in the second were 13-10 Senators. There would be no scoring in the second as the Habs hang onto win Game 2 by the score of 3-1. In the win, Carey Price made 29 saves."The guys were letting me see the puck," said Price. "They did an excellent job of getting to the trash I left out. We're going to need the same type of effort in Game 3."

   Price also lost 2 teeth in the win. In the loss, Anderson made 31 saves. "They played harder than we did for most of the game," MacLean said. "We turned over pucks that ended up in our net.We need a lot of rest and on Sunday, we need to come out and play. We got a split here and now we have home ice advantage. Now we have to respond to that."

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Game 1: Ottawa @ Montreal

Thursday, May 2, 2013



OTT:   E. Karlsson (17:25 - 1st) , J. Silfverberg (03:27 - 3rd) , M. Methot (05:20 - 3rd) , G. Latendresse (13:55 - 3rd)
MTL:   R. Bourque (13:09 - 2nd) , B. Gallagher (PPG, 14:08 - 2nd)

OTT: C. Anderson (W)
 MTL: C. Price (L)

          Earlier tonight in Montreal, the Canadiens were playing Game 1 of the 2013 Playoffs against the Ottawa Senators. For the first time since 2008 Montreal are favorites to win the series. 17 minutes into the first, Turris centred the puck to Karlsson and he tipped the puck past Price to make it 1-0 Ottawa.  The shots in the first were 14-12 Montreal. In the second the Habs came out firing. They were taking shots from every angle but they couldn't beat Anderson until the 13 minute mark when Rene Bourque scored on a rap around to tie the game.

        A few seconds after that, Diaz had the puck behind the Habs net and he played a sucide pass up the middle to Eller and he was struck in the face by Eric Gryba. He was down and out. Eller left the game with an upper-body injury and Gryba was given a 5 minute major penalty for interference and was kicked out of the game. On the powerplay, Plekanec centred the puck to Gallagher and he scored to make it 2-1 Montreal after 2. The shots in the second were 27-7 Montreal. 3 minutes into the third, Silfverberg had the puck on the right wing and he slapped a shot past Price to tie the game.

       2 minutes later, Alfredsson played the puck to Methot at the point and he one-timed a shot past Price to make it 3-2. Latendresse would add a late goal as the Senators steal game 1 with a 4-2 win. In the loss, Price made 27 saves. In the win, Anderson made 48 saves and practically won the game for Ottawa."What can you say? Andy's our MVP," said defenceman Marc Methot."He's a machine back there. He just keeps going and going. We're lucky to have him in the net." The only way I can see Ottawa win the series is if Anderson plays as well as former Hab, Yaro Halak did in the 2010 playoffs.

      Halak had several 40 save performances in the 2010 playoffs along with a 50 save performance that lead Montreal to the conference finals. Anderson made 48 saves tonight and will need to keep this up if the Senators will win the series."You just have to give your team an opportunity to stay in the game and win," said Anderson,."Montreal played a really good second period. They had a lot of momentum. Our penalty kill did a good job of finding a way to keep them to one goal and give us a chance to get back in the game. We went from having no momentum in the second and taking momentum back in the third."

Written By Andrew Di Pardo