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Sunday, May 5, 2013



MTL:   R. Bourque (PPG, 14:34 - 1st)
OTT:   D. Alfredsson (PPG, 05:58 - 1st) , J. Pageau (04:40 - 2nd) , J. Pageau (01:18 - 3rd) , K. Turris (07:00 - 3rd) , J. Silfverberg (07:08 - 3rd) , J. Pageau (18:02 - 3rd)

MTL: C. Price (L)
 OTT: C. Anderson (W)
              Earlier tonight in Ottawa, the Senators were at home for Game 3 of the Round 1 series against the Montreal Canadiens. Both the Habs and Sens came out strong hitting everything in sight. 6 minutes in, the Senators were on a 5 on 3 powerplay and Gonchar with a slap pass to Alfredsson at the side of the net and he scored to make it 1-0. Late in the period with the Habs on a powerplay, Bourques shot from the slot trickled through the pads of Anderson to tie the game. The shots in the first were 12-11 Montreal.

       4 minutes into the second, Pageau came up the middle and fired a shot past Price to make it 2-1. On the play Subbans stick went up and knocked a tooth out of Pageaus mouth, but he was ok and happy because the Sens had the lead. The shots were 11-10 Montreal in the second. But in the third thing would fall apart for the Habs. 1 minute in, Pageau scored again to make it 3-1. Then at the 7 minute mark Turris scored to make it 4-1. Then off the insueing faceoff, Ryan White dropped the gloves with Cowen. Bouillon fought with Smith, Moen went with Phillips, Tinordi took on Kassian, Neil fought Moen and Subban fought Turris.

          All of those players were kicked out of the game along with a few others. So both teams were down to 10 players. Silverberg and Pageau (Hat-Trick) scored to make it 6-1 and that would be the final/ The Senators take a 2-1 series lead."It was a great night for the kid," MacLean said of Pageaus Hat-Trick. "He's come in and played very, very well for us. We're really pleased for him, he's been a good player.""He played a great game," Alfredsson said. "He had some great shots, picked the corners and it was fun for him." Towards the end of the game with under 20 seconds to play the Sens were on a powerpay and coach MacLean called a time out, which infuriated Habs coach Michel Therrien.

    "As far as I'm concerned that was classless," Therien said. MacLean defended his decision as he only had a few players on his bench and he felt there was no choice."I didn't want anyone to get hurt, it was already getting dumb enough as it was," MacLean said. "I have two important players on my team and I still have games to play. We're not giving them a freebie. There's already enough of that." Therrien had more to say about MacLean and his coaching methods."I don't like when a coach is making comments," Therien said. "I don't like a coach when trying to humiliate our team. I don't like that."

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

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