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Friday, May 3, 2013



OTT:   M. Michalek (08:16 - 2nd)
MTL:   R. White (03:20 - 2nd) , B. Gallagher (04:13 - 2nd) , M. Ryder (18:57 - 2nd)

OTT: C. Anderson (L)
 MTL: C. Price (W)

       Earlier tonight in Montreal, it was Game 2 of the series between the Ottawa Senators and the Canadiens. Before the game there was plenty of back and forth comments to the media about that hit on Eller. Senators coach Paul Maclean blamed Diaz for Ellers injury as he sent a "Suicide pass" up the middle, which lead to a Gryba hit to the head. Eller now has some fractured bones in his face along with a dental fracture. Gryba was given a two game suspension. Habs coach was disgusted by Mecleans comments about Diaz. "An inappropriate comment," Therrien stated. "No respect for the player on the ice who was bleeding, not respect for his family in the stands...This is why we have new rules to avoid those hits.

          "That was a lack of respect to Lars Eller, a lack of respect to his family and I'm never going to accept that. Never." The Sens coach replied to that comment by telling Therrien to "Grow up." Prust was also displeased with Mecleans comment."He's already showed enough disrespect," Prust told the media. "We don't really care about what that bug-eyed fat walrus has to say." Onto the game.Brian Gionta and Max Pacioretty were out of the lineup for the game with upper-body injurys. There was no score in the second and the shots were 14-8 Montreal.  4 minutes into the second, Karlesson gave the puck away right to White in the slot and he poked the puck past Anderson to make it 1-0 Montreal.

     Less than a minute later, Galchenyuk centred the puck to Gallagher and he scored to make it 2-0. Michalek would cut the lead to 1. Then late in the period, Turris on the left wing played the puck to Gonchar on the right and Price went post to post to rob Gonchar. 1 minute to go in the second, Bourque played the puck to Ryder and he scored to make it 3-1. The shots in the second were 13-10 Senators. There would be no scoring in the second as the Habs hang onto win Game 2 by the score of 3-1. In the win, Carey Price made 29 saves."The guys were letting me see the puck," said Price. "They did an excellent job of getting to the trash I left out. We're going to need the same type of effort in Game 3."

   Price also lost 2 teeth in the win. In the loss, Anderson made 31 saves. "They played harder than we did for most of the game," MacLean said. "We turned over pucks that ended up in our net.We need a lot of rest and on Sunday, we need to come out and play. We got a split here and now we have home ice advantage. Now we have to respond to that."

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

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