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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Highlights: Canadiens @ Hurricanes



MTL:   M. Cammalleri (PPG, 05:23 - 2nd) , P. Subban (PPG, 09:01 - 3rd)
CAR:   J. Skinner (11:01 - 1st) , J. Skinner (15:06 - 1st) , J. McBain (06:10 - 2nd) , J. Pitkanen (09:03 - 2nd) , J. McBain (15:24 - 3rd) , C. Stillman (PPG, 17:47 - 3rd)

 CAR: C. Ward (W)

             Last night in Carolina, it was a big game for the Canes as since Buffalo won 1-0 against New York the Hurricanes sat 5 points out of a playoff spot. They needed a win to get within 3 points. So it was a big game for them. Just 11 minutes in,  Jeff Skinner had the puck in the slot and he scored to make it 1-0 Carolina. With 5 minutes to play in the first, Gomez (who hasn't scored in 24 games) shot was stopped by Ward and Carolina came back the other way. Ruutu played the puck to Skinner in the slot and he scored on the back hand to make it 2-0. That's the 18 year old's 29th of the season. Then early in the second, Cammalleri had the puck on the powerplay at the side of the net and he scored to cut the lead to 1 goal.

            Then 1 minute later, McBain's point shot beat Price to make it 3-1. Just 3 minutes after that, Pitkanen scored to make it 4-1 Hurricanes. That would be the score after two periods. In the third the Habs put Auld in net to finish the game as Price gave up 4 goals on 26 shots. Ten minutes into the third, the Habs went on the powerplay and Subban scored from the point to cut the lead to 2 goals. Then with under five minutes to go, McBain came in on a 2 on 1 and McBain scored to make it 5-2. Stillman would add another goal as the Hurricanes get a big win and are now just 3 points away from 8th.

                "We're playing really well. We're playing with some confidence, and that's what you need to do, especially at this time of the year," said Cam Ward, who made 38 saves. "You can't play with fear of the what-ifs. You've got to take care of your business and enjoy the challenge that we have in front of us."In this game, the Habs looked a little warn out. As they weren't playing with the same intensity that they usually play with. Like the game against Atlanta for example. They gave it there all that game and probably warn themselves out for this game as they lost 6-2. There's only 4 games remaining and the Habs just need 4 points to make the playoffs so there in good standing right now.

                    After the game the Habs were talking about what they expected Carolina to play like."We knew they were going to be desperate. They're fighting for the playoffs,"Roman Hamrlik said. "We just were not ready mentally. ... I don't think we competed, and they outworked us tonight." The Habs next game will be Saturday against the New Jersey Devils.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Highlights: Thrashers @ Canadiens



ATL:   N. Antropov (08:35 - 3rd)
MTL:   R. Hamrlik (12:56 - 1st) , M. Darche (13:07 - 1st) , A. Kostitsyn (EN, 18:40 - 3rd)

ATL: O. Pavelec (L)
 MTL: C. Price (W)

                Last night in Montreal, the Habs were looking to end there three game scoreless drought.But they were going up a team that shut them out in there 1 out of there three meetings this season (November 26, 2010 in a 3-0 Atlanta win). But the Habs weren't worried, as going into this game Lars Eller said "that you will see goals from our end tonight." With all the hype going into this game the Habs were ready to play. They had chances early on. Including a chance by Gomez as e came right in the zone and went to the left side and took a shot but it was stopped by Pavelec. Then 3 minutes after that, Cammalleri came in on a 1 on 1 and he was stopped by Pavelec. Then with ten minutes to go, the Habs were on the powerplay. In the Dying seconds of the powerplay Wisinewski's one timer went off the left post.

               Another missed opportunity for Montreal. Then on the next play, Atlanta had a great opportunity to silence the crowd. As Antropov's shot was stopped and Kane had an empty net but Price got it with the Glove. Just a short time later, Wisinewski played the puck to Hamirlik his shot was stopped, the puck was loose and Hamirlik went around the net and tapped it in. The Habs scored! The drought is over! That was Hamirlik's fifth of the season. Then ten seconds later, Gomez played the puck to Darche and he scored! That's his tenth. When it rains it pours. Montreal has a 2-0 lead. That would be your score through 2 periods as both teams were unable to beat the goaltenders.

               In the third, Boulton high sticked Gill right beside the eye no call and then Antropov scored. Gill was bleeding and complaining to the refs for a big missed call that broke the shutout for Price. But Kostitsyn would score an empty net goal as the Habs win 3-1 is the final."I got a nice pass and I should have scored on the shot, but the rebound was there," said Hamrlik after his fifth of the season. "I don't score a lot of goals, so it was nice." In the win, Price made 27 saves on 28 shots. As for the Thrashers in the lose, Pavelec made 28 saves on 30 shots."It was a big monkey off everybody's back when we popped that first one," said Habs goaltender Carey Price about Hamirliks goal. "It seemed that even to the bitter end it didn't want to go in.

                 "It took us about 10 whacks to get in there, but we finally broke the eggshell." Both teams had played well in this team but Montreal came out on top and are now 4 points ahead of the Sabres (Who are in 8th in the East) and 2 points ahead of the Rangers (Who now sit in 7th). The Habs have another big game and that game is tonight against the Hurricanes on TSN and RDS.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Your Canadiens- Brian Gionta

Your Canadiens- Tomas Plekanec

Your Canadiens (TV Series) Is On GO Habs Go

              There's been so many changes to this blog so far. I'm going add another one. As a TV Series Called "Your Canadiens" will be posted every Saturday and Sunday on this Blog.This show does a close up of one Canadiens player every week. It's takes you into the life of a NHLer and experiance what they do on there spare time. Since this series has just come to the blog I will be posting 2 episodes today.


Andrew Di Pardo

HNIC - Coach's Corner - Mar 26th 2011 (HD)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ruben On Head Shot Rule Change

Highlights: Capitals @ Canadiens



WSH:   M. Sturm (01:24 - 1st) , A. Semin (16:19 - 3rd)

WSH: B. Holtby (W)
 MTL: C. Price (L)

                    Tonight in Montreal, it was a night to forget for the Canadiens as once again they were held off the scoreboard. The Capitals got a quick start with a rebound goal by Sturm which was assisted by Backtrom and never looked back. Price has been great for the Habs all season and he continued in this game as he made 11 great saves on 12 shots in the first. In the first the Canadiens only had 3 shots. Talk about a bad way to start the game. Just 3 minutes into the second, Desharnais had a great chance but he was stopped by Holtby. Just a minute later,Backstrom had a chance in front and he was stopped by Carey Price.

             Then with 2 minutes to go in the second, the Habs went on a Powerplay and Plekanec one timed a shot and he was stopped by Holtby. Still 1-0 after 2. Just 6 minutes into the third, Price made a great glove save on the slap shot from the slot by Hendricks. Semin would score a goal with 3 minutes to go to put this game away as the Capitals win 2-0. This was the third straight game that the Habs have been shutout. It was almost like there forwards weren't ready to play as they only had 18 shots and Holtby stopped them all."We're still a good hockey team, we're just struggling," said Price. "In the end, as long as we're in the playoffs and have a chance to win the Stanley Cup is all that matters."

              Price is right about that. I always say that no matter who you have on your team or what place you are in, if you make the playoffs you have a shot at the Cup. Look at what happened last season in the playoffs. Everyone expected Montreal to lose aginst Washington in 4 or 5 games and they were able to come come back down 3 games to 1 and win the series in 7 games. Look at round 2 against Pittsburgh, everyone counted them out being down 3 games to 2. But they came back and won the series. So anything can happen.

             The Habs are just in a slump right now and will get out of it by next game. The Habs are in the Playoffs by 7 points and are tied for 6th with the Rangers and the Habs are 2 points ahead of Buffalo. So I think the Habs will make the playoffs. They will just half to win 2 or 3 of there last 6 games to make sure of that."Those teams are coming up, but we can't get scared and start gripping our sticks even more because that's not going to help," said Price. "We have to play with confidence.We're a confident group and I've got a lot of confidence in these guys. We're going to get through this. I'm sure of that." The Habs next game will be Tuesday against the Thrashers at 7:38 Pm E.t on RDS. That's a game that Montreal should win for sure.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

P.S: The Habs Just have 6 Games Remaining.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Highlights: Canadiens @ Bruins


Thursday, 24 March 2011


BOS:   J. Boychuk (01:01 - 1st) , G. Campbell (13:43 - 1st) , N. Horton (PPG, 17:28 - 1st) , N. Horton (04:03 - 3rd) , A. McQuaid (04:29 - 3rd) , T. Kaberle (11:27 - 3rd) , G. Campbell (SHG, 13:35 - 3rd)

 BOS: T. Thomas (W)

                    Last night in Boston, this was the first meeting between the Habs and Bruins since the Pacioretty injury. But the Habs got off to a bad start. Just 1 minute in, Chara's shot was stopped, but Boychuk scored on the rebound to make it 1-0. Four minutes later, Kostitsyn had the puck in the slot and he took a shot but it was stopped. On the next play, Subban took a slap shot but it was stopped again by Thomas. With seven minutes to go in the period, Chara's point shot was tipped in by Cambell to make it 2-0. Then a few minutes later, Lucic centred the puck to Horton and he scored to make it 3-0.

                 Ten Minutes into the second,  Gomez played the puck to Gionta in front and Thomas made a great save on Gionta and on Gomez on the rebound to keep Montreal off the score sheet. Still 3-0 after two periods. Just a few minutes into the third, Kreji and Horton came in on a two on one and Horton scored to make it 4-0. Then McQuaid had the puck at the point and he took a slap shot and it beat Carey Price to make it 5-0. That was it for Price as he gave up 5 goals on 33 shots. So in comes Alex Auld to finish what was a off night for Montreal.

                 With eight minutes to go, Kaberle would score his first as a Bruin to make it 6-0. Cambell would add another one as the Bruins win this game 7-0. This was a big win for the Bruins as they now sit 5 points ahead of Montreal for third in the East. It was another shutout for Thomas as he made just 24 saves. But coming into this game, the big story was if something was going to happen based on the Pacioretty injury. Habs coach Jacques Martin said his team was thinking about that."The response is you want to win the hockey game and battle with the Bruins when you are trailing them by three points," Martin said. "I wouldn't say (it was) a lack of emotion -- more a lack of execution."

              This was a game that Montreal just simply wasn't ready to play. There forwards had chances but didn't convert, the Habs defense wasn't helping the goalie and I can go on. They just weren't doing the things that would make them win. As for the Bruins, they were ready. They came into this game firing on all cylinders and they played great defense. They played a great  game. Thats a positive for the Bruins. The positive for Montreal is that in six games this season against the Bruins they had a record of 4-2-0.Keep in mind that if the Playoffs started today it would be the Montreal Canadiens (6th in the East) aganst the Boston Bruins (3rd in the East).

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Highlights: Sabres @ Canadiens


Tuesday, 22 March 2011

BUF:   N. Gerbe (08:56 - 2nd) , N. Gerbe (EN, 19:38 - 3rd)

BUF: R. Miller (W)
 MTL: C. Price (L)

                 Last night in Montreal, the Sabres rolled into town trying to continue to stay in a playoff spot. Just 7 minutes into the game (with the Habs on a powerplay), Wisineaski's point shot was stopped by Miller and he cleared it to the corner. On the same play, Subban played the puck back to Wisinewski and his shot was stopped again by Miller. Now with ten minutes to go in the first, Weber of Buffalo took the puck around the Habs defense and he was stopped by Carey Price. Five minutes later, Cammalleri came in and took a shot but it was stopped by the glove of Miller. No score after one. In the second, with the Sabres on a powerplay, Pominville took a shot and it was stopped and the rebound went right to Vanek and he was stopped three time by Price.

             The Sabres were starting to put on the pressure. With eleven minutes to go in the second Myers shot was tipped in by Gerbe to make it 1-0 Buffalo. But the Habs never gave up, the next play, Kostitsyn came in and his slap shot was stopped by Miller again. Gerbe would add an empty net goal in the third as the Sabres win 2-0 and Miller got his 4th shutout of the season by making 31 saves."We started the game well enough but we didn't go to the net enough to create chances," Canadiens coach Jacques Martin said. "We gave (Miller) an easy night."

                "We gave up a goal and we took too many penalties because we weren't getting pucks in deep and spent too much time in our zone."  That was the only problem with Montreal's performance. As all the shots they took, Miller was able to see them all because there was no traffic in front of him."This was a game we needed to win," said Miller. "We needed to respond after our last outing and we did a good job of cleaning up the areas we needed to.We all did a good job of moving our feet and we drew some penalties. With (Montreal's) small forwards, sometimes you start reaching for them and you end up in the box."

               Both the Maple Leafs and the Hurricanes won last night, so there is no change in the standings when it comes to the race for 8th. But when it comes to the race for 1st in the north east division, there's been a change. The Bruins won last night which means Montreal now sits 3 points back of the Bruins. But they will face off on Thursday night at 7:38pm E.t is the time of the puck drop on NESN-HD and on RDS-HD.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Subbans Hat-Trick

Ryan White`s Gordie Howie Hat-Trick

Highlights: Canadiens @ Wild


Sunday, 20 March 2011


MTL:   R. White (00:31 - 1st) , A. Kostitsyn (06:47 - 1st) , P. Subban (00:51 - 2nd) , J. Wisniewski (05:22 - 2nd) , T. Moen (07:35 - 2nd) , P. Subban (PPG, 16:23 - 2nd) , P. Subban (01:27 - 3rd) , T. Pyatt (13:55 - 3rd)
MIN:   M. Koivu (PS, 12:14 - 3rd)

MTL: A. Auld (W)
 MIN: J. Theodore (L) , N. Backstrom

                         This past afternoon in Minnesota, the Canadiens got going and never held back as Montreal blows out the Wild 8-1. The Habs opened the scoring 30 seconds into the game as Pouliot played the puck right to White who scored to make it 1-0. That was White first NHL goal. Shortly after that,Clutterbuck gave the puck away right to Kostitsyn who scored to make it 2-0. Then with the Wild on the powerplay, Brunette`s shot was stopped Auld.

                        Then with 4 minutes to go, Burns shot was block and the rebound went right to Cullen and he was stopped by Alex Auld. Just one minute into the second, Pk. Subban went around the Wid`s defence and he scored  to make it 3-0 Montreal. Then 5 minutes later, Cammalleri came in on a 2 on 1 and he played it right to Wisiniewski and he scored to make it 4-0. Then 2 minutes later, Hamirlik`s shot was stopped and Moen scored on the rebound to make it 5-0.

                   That was it for Former Hab Jose Theodore as he was replaced by Backstrom after giving up 5 goals on 19 shots. Then with the Habs on the powerplay, Wisinewski gave the puck to Subban who scored to make it 6-0 Montreal after 2 periods. Then 2 minutes into the third, Subban took a slap shot and HE SCORES for His FIRST NHL HAT-TRICK. That made it 7-0.  Mikko Koivu would score on a penalty shot to make it 7-1 late in the third. But the Habs would add one more goal from Pyatt to make it 8-1 and that would be the final. In the Win Auld made 30 saves. As for the Wild, Backstrom made 10 saves on 13 shots.

             Ryan white had a Gordie Howie Hat-Trick in this game. For those of you who don`t know it`s when a player gets a Goal a fight and a assist. He talked about it after the game. ``Yea well it was key for me to get that goal,``White said.`` I spend all those games waiting and waiting wondering when it was going to happen and tonght was the night.`` White was the first Hab to get a Gordie Howie Hat-Trick since Max Lapierre in December of 2008. Speaking of Hat-Tricks, Subban had a Hat trick tonight (3 goals) and he was the first Habs defenseman to do that Since Sheldon Souray in November 2003.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

HNIC - Coach's Corner - Mar 19th 2011 (HD)

Saturday, March 19, 2011


My First NHL Game: Desharnais

Highlights: Canadiens @ Rangers


Friday, 18 March 2011


MTL:   P. Subban (07:11 - 1st) , J. Wisniewski (04:13 - 2nd) , B. Gionta (PPG, 00:54 - 3rd)
NYR:   A. Anisimov (05:28 - 1st) , D. Girardi (10:25 - 1st) , R. Callahan (17:09 - 1st) , M. Gaborik (17:41 - 1st) , B. Boyle (18:16 - 1st) , V. Prospal (PPG, 17:15 - 3rd)

 NYR: H. Lundqvist (W)

                        Last night in New York, the Habs were looking for a season sweep against the Rangers. Just six minutes in, Anisimov had a breakaway and he scored to make it 1-0 New York. Just three minutes later, Desharnais centered the puck right to Subban and he scored to make it 1-1. With under half a period to go, Christensen's shot was stopped by Price and the rebound went right to Girardi and he scored to make it 2-1. Then with three to go in the first, Dubinsky's shot was stopped and Callahan scored on the rebound.

                    Then on the following play, Gabotik had the puck in the slot and he ripped it past Rice to make it 4-1. Just after the Refs dropped the puck, It was a 3 on 1 for New York. Staal played the puck to Boyle who scored to make it 5-1. That was it for Price as he gave up 5 goals on 11 shots, so in comes Auld. That 5 goal period for the Rangers was the first time they have scored 5 in a period since 1991 against the Vancouver Cuncks. But they still had to finish this game.Early in the second, Wisineswki got the puck at the point and he ripped it past Lundquist to cut the lead to 3.

                     Five minutes to play in the second now, Desharnais brought the puck in and he was stopped by Lundquist. Then the Rangers came back the other was, Boyle had the puck and went around the Habs defense man but Boyle's shot was stopped by Auld. It was 5-2 after two. In the third, the Habs went on the powerplay. With 28 seconds to go on the powerplay, Wisinewski's shot was tipped in By Gionta to cut the lead to 2. The game was getting interesting.

                     With four minutes to go, Kostitsyn played the puck to Desharnais infront and Lundquist dove to make the save with the glove hand. The Rangers would add another goal as they win 6-3 is your final. After the game Rangers coach John Tortorellas talked about the playoff atmosphere and the fight that broke out between Moen and Prust just a second into the game. "It wasn't in the script," Rangers coach John Tortorella said. "The building was alive. You could feel it."

                      "When you stepped on the ice, and the anthems ... Prust felt that was the right thing to do." In the lose, Auld made 19 saves. As for the Rangers, Lundquist made 22 saves.After the game, Gionta talked about why is was a tough loss to take."It was a big game for both teams," Canadiens captain Brian Gionta said. "That's why it's tough to take."The Habs next game will be Sunday against the Wild at 6:00 Pm E.t on RDS.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Friday, March 18, 2011


Highlights: Lightning @ Canadiens


Thursday, 17 March 2011
                      FINAL SO 

TBL:   T. Purcell (PPG, 00:35 - 2nd) , S. Gagne (PPG, 09:29 - 3rd)
MTL:   A. Kostitsyn (05:40 - 2nd) , B. Gionta (SHG, 03:58 - 3rd) , M. Cammalleri (00:00 - SO)

TBL: D. Roloson (L)
 MTL: C. Price (W)

                             Last night in Montreal, the Habs were looking for another win that would pull them closer to first in the North East Division. Since the Bruins lost 4-3 against Nashville in overtime, a win for the Habs would put them within 3 points of the North East Division lead. So it was a big night for the Habs. Late in the first, Cammalleri tried to center the puck and it went off a lightning players skate and Roloson dove and made a great saves with the stick. Early second now, the Lightning went on the powerplay.

                              On the powerplay, St.Louis had the puck at the point he took a shot and it was stopped but the rebound went right to Purcell who would score to make it 1-0 Lightning. Just a couple of minutes after that, Desharnais centred the puck right to Kostitsyn who put it past Roloson to tie the game at 1-1. Then just a few minutes later, Stamkos skated in deked ariund the Habs defense and Price stopped it and Stamkos knocked him down as he did that the puck went in the net. They would review it and it would be no goal on the play. Then in the third, with the Lightning on the powerplay once again. St. Louis turned the puck over and Gionta had a breakaway and he scored to make it 2-1 Montreal.

                 Then 5 minutes after that, the Lightning went on the powerplay again. St.Louis took a shot and it was tipped in by Gagne to tie the game at 2-2. It would go to overtime, but it would slove nothing and we went to a shootout. Dawes would make it 1-0. But Gagne would tie it. The next shooter was Cammalleri, and he scored five hole to make it 2-1.

                Price would make the save on Purcell as the Habs won the game 3-2 is the final."It seems like a lot of those guys, they just try and drag you across the net and look for an opening," Price said. "It's pretty smart, but if you don't find an opening, it's not as good." The Habs next game will be Tonight against the Rangers. The Rangers sit 7 points back of the Habs. If the Rangers lose to the Habs tonight they will have lost all 4 games against the Habs this season.

Nigel Dawes MTL Goal
Steven Stamkos TBL Miss
Brian Gionta MTL Save
Martin St Louis TBL Save
David Desharnais MTL Save
Simon Gagne TBL Goal
Michael Cammalleri MTL Goal
Teddy Purcell TBL Save

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Canadiens call up Nigel Dawes, Aaron Palushaj; Plekanec and Haplern are Day-To-Day

                          Today in Montreal, Habs GM Pierre Gauthier announced that he had called up Nigel Dawes and Aaron Palushaj to replace Plekanec and Halpern. Plekanec and Halpern are listed as Day-to-Day with both having lower-body-injury's. So Dawes and Palushaj will come in to replace them. Dawes played in 9 games with the Thrashers this season and had 1 assist. Palushaj has been in the AHL all season and he has had 17 goals and 27 assist. Both Dawes and Palushaj will make there dabut tomorrow night against the Lightning.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Highlights:Capitals @ Canadiens

NHL Fight: Matt Bradley vs Paul Mara


Tuesday, 15 March 2011


WSH:   M. Johansson (PPG, 01:06 - 1st) , B. Laich (13:23 - 1st) , M. Johansson (06:43 - 3rd) , M. Knuble (PPG, 16:53 - 3rd)
MTL:   T. Moen (01:26 - 1st) , A. Kostitsyn (03:28 - 2nd)

WSH: B. Holtby (W)
 MTL: C. Price (L)

                      Last night in Montreal, the Canadiens had there eye on the division lead and the Capitals had there eye on there 9th straight win. Just one minute into the first, Wideman dumped the puck in and it went of the glass and right in front of an open net as Price was at the back of the net hoping to play the puck, due to that Johansson had an easy goal to make it 1-0. Twenty  seconds later, Holtby went behind the net to the play the puck for Washington and he played it right to Travis Moen who had an easy empty net goal to tie the game at 1-1. One minute after that, Hendricks took a shot and it was stopped by Price, but the puck went behind him and the net came off and Fehr had knocked it in. They would review it but it was no goal.

                   With seven minutes to go, Laich came in and he went around Gill and then put it past Price to make it 2-1 Capitals after one period of play. That was Laich's 100th Career goal.Just three minutes into the second, Eller did a drop pass to Kostitsyn and Kostitsyn would fire it home to make it a tie game once again. Then just a few minutes after that Sturm came in on the backhand and he was stopped by Price with the glove hand. Then with six minutes to go in the second, Desharnais came skating in the Caps zone and he took a shot and it was stopped by Holtby. Then just a minute later, Ovechkins shot was stopped,Semin was banging away at the rebound and it was stopped three times by Carey Price. So were tied after two.

                    In the third, Bradly played it to Gorden in front and he was stopped by Price. Then shortly after that, Ovechkin came skating in and he played it to Johansson who would score to make it 3-2 Washington. Then with just ten minutes to play, Desharnais came skating in on a partial breakaway and he had Holtby beat but he fanned on the shot. But he still had it and he played it right to Cammalleri and he was Stopped by Holtby. Then the following play, Gionta skated in and he was stopped with the glove hand of Holtby. Then with four minutes to play, it was a two on one for the Capitals and Sturm played it to Knuble and he scored to put the game away. As the Capitals would win there 9th straight 4-2 is your final.

                    In the win, Holtby made 24 saves on 26 shots. In the loss, Carey Price made 37 saves. The Habs also lost another couple of players. Plekanec and Halpern left the game with both of them having lower body injury's. Martin will give an update later on today."Obviously, guys keep falling and you don't want to see that at this time of the season when points are so important," said defenceman P.K. Subban. "But we've got to keep moving forward and not dwell on that.We hope those guys are back for us, but we have to focus on the game." Played well this game, but not as well as they would have liked as they lost 4-2 and since the Bruins beat the Jackets in a shootout by the score of 3-2,Montreal now finds themselves 4 points out of 1st in the North East Division.

               "We could have stole one tonight," left wing Michael Cammalleri said. "Carey's the biggest reason and we had some almost-chances and I just think it was probably indicative of our game overall, just not good enough everywhere and one of those areas was capitalizing on offensive chances." The Habs next game will be Thursday against the Lightning at 7:38 pm E.t is your Offical puck drop time in Montreal.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo


 Bruins 3-2 Blue Jackets Final SO

Monday, March 14, 2011


                     On Staturday night, on Coach's Corner, Don Cherry called the Bell Centre a joke. Don Cherry made a solution to the problem on a diagram that he drew by hand that shows the way the Turn Buckle is now and the way "he" thinks it should be (in Picture Below). He blained it on the Habs owner Geoff Molson."Geoff Molson, you're a good guy. … But let's start with your building. Your stanchion, your turnbuckles are a joke," Cherry said. "Call all your players together in the dressing room. And you say I want you to answer this honestly and don't be afraid: 'How do you feel playing 41 games with that seamless glass and the boards in Montreal?Worst in the league for injuries,.Ask them that instead of going in the paper."

                            Don Cherry even went to the extent of using photoshop to show what he means (In another photo below).  He said that if the Turn Buckle was on a slant like he's shown in his photo  and Diagram that this injury would have never happend. I think he's right about that. But you can't put all the blame on Molson. Chara should have been aware of where he was on the ice and the fact that there was no puck in sight that he would send Pacioretty into the turn buckle. Cherry also went on to say that due to Chara never being suspended that you either give him a 20 game suspension or none. He also made another point in saying that if a player gets hit in the head with the puck and he gets injured that the NHL would suspend him becuase the player got hurt. He's saying overall that the NHL made the right call.

              To be Honest, I usually agree with Cherry but I think that he's wrong in saying that the NHL made the right call in not suspending Chara. But the NHL should have suspended him to send a message to the league that hits to the head aren't right.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Sunday, March 13, 2011


                 After getting a Concussion and a fractured vertebra, Pacioretty was sent home by doctors at the Montreal general Hospital in a neck Braise. After being sent home Pacioretty talked about the support he was getting from Fans.“I sincerely appreciate all of the support that I have received since my injury,” Pacioretty said.“I was disappointed that the NHL did not suspend Zdeno Chara. However, I have no desire for him to prosecuted legally. I feel that the incident, as ugly as it was, was part of a hockey game.I understand that this is not my decision. I have respect and admiration for the authorities in Quebec. I simply wanted to make my opinion clear.”Pacioretty is expected to be out for the remainder of the season and the Playoffs with this Injury.

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HNIC - Coach's Corner - Mar 12th 2011 (HD)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

RJ Umberger's Hit On Drew Doughty (Similar Hit to Chara's)

This hit on Doughty was a similar hit to Chara's on Pacioretty. As Doughty was hit in the turn buckel.

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Highlights: Canadiens @ Penguins


Saturday, 12 March 2011


MTL:   T. Plekanec (00:46 - 1st) , T. Moen (00:24 - 2nd) , M. Cammalleri (06:51 - 2nd)

MTL: C. Price (W)
 PIT: B. Johnson , M. Fleury (L)

                       This afternoon in Montreal, the Canadiens rolled into Pittsburgh to take on the Penguins. Just 18 seconds into the first, Jefferey of the Penguins took a shot that went off the post. 20 seconds later, Plekenec won the faceoff right to Cammalleri who played it back to Plekanec in front and Fleury missed on the poke check and Plekanec took advantage of that and he made it 1-0. Price wasn't that busy in the first as he made 5 saves. Fleury (Pens Goalie) was a little bit more busy as he made 8 saves on 9 shots. It was a slow paced first period as players didn't get many chances. We hoped that it would pick up in the second and it did.

                 As just 26 seconds into period 2, Gionta brought the puck in over the Pens line and played it right to Moen who would score his 4th of the year to make it 2-0. Then 5 minutes into the second, the Penguins went on the powerplay. Jefferey did a nice toe drag move on Price and took a shot, but Price was down and he made the save with the glove to keep the score at 2-0.

               Shortly after that, the Penguins failed to clear the puck. So Halpern had the puck inside the zone and he played it right to Cammalleri in front who would score his 16th of the year to make it 3-0. That goal was Cammalleri's tenth straight game with a goal against the Penguins. That was it for Fleury as he gave up 3 goals on 12 shots.

                  Then with under 3 minutes to play in the period, Desharnais had a wide open net and he was stopped by Johnnson with the skate to keep the score at 3-0 after 2. That would be your final. As Carey Price earns his league leading 8th shutout of the season by making 26 saves (10 in the third). As for the Penguins in the loss, Johnnson made 8 saves in his replacement session. He only had to make 2 saves in the third as the Habs were playing very defensively."Our goal for the third, was to shut them down defensively," Mara Said." It was very important to to play a defensive third so we could keep the shutout."

                 After the game, Gomez spoke about Moen's goal." He does so much other stuff that it doesn't matter. He's a heart and soul guy. He does so much on penalty kill. He's a winner," Gomez said." It was a great shot." Gomez even was joking around about how Moen scored." If you ask him if he was aiming there he would say he was. But he wasn't," Gomez joked." Don't tell him I said that." The Habs next game will be Tuesday against the Capitals.

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NHL fight: White V.s Boychuk

Friday, March 11, 2011

2010-11 NHL Rule Enforcement Video

NHL saves of the week

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TSN Panel - Chara Hit on Pacioretty - March 9th 2011 (HD)


                  Yesterday, someone named Sportsfan1981 made a comment on my post "Police open Investigation Against Chara" and he says that "I can’t believe Chara’s hit is under investigation by Montreal police! It happened at a strange spot on the rink, and that’s why Pacioretty was badly injured. Do the police get involved whenever two players fight on the ice? No, so why should this situation be treated any differently?" He is right in a sense. So I do agree that the Police should not get involved but I do think that Chara should have got suspended 2-3 games to send a message to the NHL saying that hits like this aren't acceptable.

               But I think Sportsfan is wrong in a sense saying that it was because of the spot on the ice. I say that because, the puck was no where in sight (it was down in the Bruins zone) and Chara moved his arm at the last second to try to flip Pacioretty into the bench but instead Pacioretty's face hit the turn buckle. So he is right in saying that the police shouldn't get involved but he's wrong in saying it was because of the area where he got hit. It should have been a suspension.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Highlights: Canadiens @ Blues


Thursday, 10 March 2011

MTL:   J. Halpern (12:30 - 1st)
STL:   D. Backes (18:59 - 1st) , A. McDonald (01:06 - 2nd) , M. D'Agostini (18:31 - 3rd) , T. Oshie (EN, 19:37 - 3rd)

MTL: C. Price (L)
 STL: J. Halak (W)

              Last night in St.Louis, it was former Habs Jaroslav Halak's first game gainst his former team. Halak was a big part in the Habs longest Playoff run since 1993 last year when they went to the Conference final before being nocked out by the Flyers. But they had to put all that aside as they had a game to play. Just 2 and a half minutes in, Peterangelo had the puck in the slot but was stopped by Carey Price.

        Shortly after that, Oshie played the puck cross crease right to Backes and he was stopped by Price. With 10 minutes to play in the first, Mcdonald with a chance and he was stopped and the rebound went off the post. Then just 3 minutes later, Picard played the puck to Halpern who would score to make it 1-0 Montreal. Just a few minutes later, Plekanec's rap-around was stopped by Halak.

          With 1 minute to go in the first, the Blues win the faceoff right to Backes who would one time it past Price to tie the game. Just 1 minute into the seond, the Habs gave the ouck away right to Mcdonald who would score to make it 2-1 Blues lead. Then with 2 minutes to go, the Habs were shorthanded but took it up ice it was a 2 on 1. Pyatt played the puck right to Desharnais and he was stopped by Halak. D'Agostini would add a late goal and Oshie would add an empty net goal as the Blues win 4-1.Halak made 27 saves or the Blues in the win.

            "Obviously, when you play for a team and then you get traded, you want to beat them every time you play them," Halak said. "We play Montreal only once a year, so that was my chance this year. I needed to make sure I gave it my best."The Habs next game will be Saturday against the Penguins.

       Written By Andrew Di Pardo


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Habs Owner Geoff Molson Delivers a Message to the Fans

Dear Fans,

I would like to thank you all for your comments and support as the Pacioretty family, and our entire organization, deal with this difficult situation. I share your frustration, disappointment and shock. I feel for Max, the team and you, our fans.

Max, on behalf of my family, fans and all who are associated with this great organization, rest assured that we are all behind you and hope for a full recovery.

The Montreal Canadiens is an institution that has played a leadership role in this League and in our community for over 100 years, and you can count on us to continue to do so in the future. The news of the NHL decision yesterday was a hard blow for both the players and fans of the Montreal Canadiens. It was one which shook the faith that we, as a community, have in this sport that we hold in such high regard.

The Montreal Canadiens organization does not agree with the decision taken yesterday by the National Hockey League. We can assure you that we have made our position clear to Commissioner Gary Bettman, and that he has agreed to make this issue a priority at the next General Manager's meeting, which will be held in Florida on March 14-16. Pierre Gauthier, our General Manager, will be present at this meeting and has already expressed his wish to carry out, clearly, our message to his 29 counterparts and to the League.

Our organization believes that the players' safety in hockey has become a major concern, and that this situation has reached a point of urgency. At risk are some of the greatest professional athletes in the world, our fan base and the health of our sport at all levels. Players' safety in hockey must become the ultimate priority and the situation must be addressed immediately. As a proud father of three hockey players, I want to help create a healthy and safe experience for them, and I certainly never want any family to go through what the Pacioretty's are experiencing at this moment.

We understand and appreciate hockey being a physical sport, but we do not accept any violent behavior that will put the players' health and safety at risk. On this specific issue, I am asking for the support of the 29 other NHL owners, to address urgently this safety issue. And I am willing to play a leadership role in coordinating this group effort.

You are the best fans in the league, and I am proud to have you behind us. Both the team and Max need your support now more than ever. A solid playoff run is just around the corner and we are counting on you to carry us deep into the spring!


Geoff Molson
Chairman of the Board of Directors and Team Owner