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Friday, December 31, 2010

Highlights: Canadiens @ Panthers

Wisniewski Leads Canadiens Past Panthers With OT Winner

Auld Makes 20 saves in the 3-2 Habs victory (Auld's record is 2-2-0).

(21-16-2) Montreal Canadiens 3-2 Florida Panthers (16-17-2)
                                           Final Ot

Today it was New Years Eve and the Canadiens would love to End 2010 with a victory in front of there Home fans which traveled to Forte Lauder dale to see the Habs win.I was in attendance at this game and the arena was packed with Habs fans. I would say over 90 % of the people watching the game were Habs fans and they picked the right day to go watch a hockey game as the Habs beat the Panthers 3-2 in overtime. It all started in the second, when Weiss scored 28 seconds into the period. Then shortly after that when Kullikov scored to make it 2-0 Panthers. But the Habs didn't give up hope. With 9 minutes to go in the second, the Canadiens got a powerplay and Wisniewski slapped one past Vokoun to get his first as a Hab to cut the lead to 1.

Then less than a minute later the Habs went on another powerplay and Brian Gionta would score on a rebound to tie the game at 2-2. There was no scoring in the third so it went to overtime. In overtime with about 1 minute and a half to go Mike Cammalleri came up the right wing and took a shot and it was stopped but James Wisniewski would score on the rebound for his second of the game and the game winner. In the victory, Auld made 20 saves in his 4th game of the season. As for the Panthers, Vokoun made 45 saves in the loss.

With this win the Habs have now snapped there 3 game losing streak."We were all feeling the pressure," Cammalleri said. "We wanted to get out of it and we were able to get out of it. Sometimes to get out of these it takes a game like this where you don't score six or seven goal, but it takes 64 minutes and 48 shots to get it done." The Canadiens ended a tough road trip with a record of  2-7-0 and they will return home to face the Thrashers on January 2nd.

Written & Photo By Andrew Di Pardo

Thursday, December 30, 2010


 GAME Scores:




Monday, December 27, 2010


Hey fans of the Habs and my Blog, I'm just letting you know that I'm going to take a 1 week break from my Blog and I will return to write on January 4th. I will give you a quick summary all the Canadiens games I missed.

Andrew Di Pardo

Friday, December 24, 2010


Merry Christmas everyone.

Highlights: Canadiens @ Hurricanes


(20-13-2) Montreal Canadiens 3-2 Carolina Hurricanes (15-14-4)

Last night in Carolina, the Hurricanes took the lead early with a goal from Larose but were unable to hold on as 2 minutes after that Gomez came back down the other way and tied it. Then in the second, the Hurricanes had a 2-1 lead but the Habs were on the powerplay and Plekanecs centering pass went right to Kostitsyn who buried it to tie the game. Then with the Habs still on the powerplay, Picards point shot beat Ward to give the Habs the 3-2 lead going into the third. In the third it was all Carolina, but Carey Price was there to make 10 third period saves and a game total of 22 saves to lead the Habs to a 3-2 victory.

"Our special teams have always been pretty important for us," goalie Carey Price said. "It won us the game."With this win, the Habs have now snapped there 4 game road losing streak and there overall losing streak of 2 games."We had good control of the hockey game -- although they scored the two goals, I thought we played well, and we did things that we wanted to do," Montreal coach Jacques Martin said. The Habs next game will be on Boxing day.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Highlights: Canadiens @ Stars


(19-13-2) Montreal Canadiens 2-5 Dallas Stars (21-10-3)
Last night in Dallas, the Stars were dominated by the Habs but in the end they won 5-2 thanks to great play by former Flyers playoff hero Leighton. Leighton was the reason why the Flyers went on to beat the Habs in the 3rd round and he his the reason why Dallas won last night."We wanted to pounce on them," said Richards. "We got a lead and never gave it up. It was a great effort all the way through."In the lose, Price made 12 saves on 17 shots and Gionta scored and Darche scored his career high 6th goal of the season.

As for the Stars in there win, Burish, Benn,Skraskins,Richards and Erikesson scored for them and Leighton made 25 saves on 27 shots."It wasn't good all around," Price said. "We couldn't get a break. That's a team that's a blue-collar team. They brought a lunch-bucket effort and got rewarded for it."The Habs next game will be tonight against the Hurricanes at 7pm E.t on RDS and TSN-HD.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Monday, December 20, 2010

Highlights: Canadiens @ Avalanche


(19-12-2) Montreal Canadiens 2-3 Colorado Avalanche (19-10-4)

Last night in Colorado, the Habs started off there 7 game road trip on a losing note. As the Avalanche beat the Habs 3-2 for there 6th straight win."We found a way," Anderson said. "It doesn't matter if it's 3-2 or 6-5, we're finding ways to win."In the victory, Wilson, Porter and Gagliardi scored  and Anderson made 27 saves. In the Lose the Habs scored 2 powerplay goals, one from Cammalleri and the other from Picard. Carey Price also played well in the lose as he made 25 saves.

It was one of those games for Montreal, as they had chance after chance but they just couldn't score."We've got a good thing going," Avalanche coach Joe Sacco said. "The one thing we've got to guard against is not getting too high. We should be proud of the fact we've won six in a row, but we've got to keep on an even keel. I like the direction the team is going and the way we played tonight."

After the game Colorado goalie made a mistake by slashing a Canadiens forward after the game clock ran out. The NHL will probably look at this and may consider a suspension.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Friday, December 17, 2010

Highlights:Bruins@ Canadiens


(16-10-4) Boston Bruins 3-4 Montreal Canadiens (19-11-2)

Last night in Montreal, the Canadiens had everything going there way. I'll tell you why. In the First period Cammalleri was taken down on a breakaway. So theres a penalty shot awarded and he deked out Thomas for the goal. Shortly after that Lapierre scored on a rebound to make it 2-0. Now with the score at 2-1, Paciorettys centering pass goes off a defenders skate and into the net to make it 3-1.In the second, the Bruins would get it back with a goal from Savard thats his first of the year.

Then with 5 minutes to play in the second Cammalleri drops the gloves with tough guy Krejci and Cammalleri takes him down. That sparked his team because shortly after that Gionta would tally what would go onto to be the game winning goal as the Habs win this game snapping there losing streak 4-3 is your final. In the win Carey Price made 34 saves."I wasn't to happy with our end result last game, but that's the great thing about back-to-back games -- you get another chance right away," said Price. "I got the run support and it worked out for us."

The Habs next game will be Sunday against the Avalanche.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Highlights: Flyers @ Canadiens


(21-7-5) Philedelphia Flyers 5-3 Montreal Canadiens (18-11-2)

Last night in Montreal, the Canadiens had the good the bad and ugly as they lost 5-3 to the Flyers. It started back in the first, when Jeff Carter scored a late goal off a turnover by Subban. then in the second,James van Riemsdykshot the puck off Gill`s skate to make it 2-0. Late in the period, the Habs would get one back on the powerplay as Subban ripped it home for his second of the season and first NHL goal on home ice. Then the Flyers would get it back in the final frame, with a rap around goal by Zherdev. But the Habs would reaspond to tie it with a goal by Plekanec and then Gionta.

But the Flyers never gave up. Price made 1 save and the reabound was cleared up the middle by Hamirlik and van Riemsdyk would put it in. Then shortly after that Gomez made a bad play, as he played the puck from the netural zone back into his zone right to Subban who lost the puck and Giroux came in and scored. Game over. There was no chance of a come back after that due to a couple of bad plays by Hamirlik who should have cleared it to the side instead of the middle and Gomez who should have dumped it to center instead of playing it into his own zone.

"It was almost like a playoff game, you want to win the game. You want to do what you can to get the two points but it didn't happen for us," said Subban.The Habs next game is tonight against the Bruins.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Highlights: Canadiens @ Leafs


(18-10-2) Montreal Canadiens 1-3 Toronto Maple Leafs (11-14-4)

Last Night in Toronto, the Canadiens were unable to score as the Maple Leafs beat the Habs 3-1. It all sarted back in the fist when Auld lost sight of the puck at the side of the net and Kessel found it and tapped it in. Shortly after that, Kaberle snapped a weak shot past Auld to make it 2-0. But late in the second the Habs would reaspond with a goal by Cammalleri. But that's as close as they would get as they lost 3-1.

"You look at the whole week and we essentially did something (no one expected)," said coach Ron Wilson. "I don't think anybody said we were even going to win one of those games. We won three of them so I'm proud of our team."In this game the Habs just couldn't beat Gigure as he stopped 22 of 23 shots. As for the Leafs they had no problem scoring goals on Auld as he gave up 2 weak goals early on and the Habs just lost there confidence as they only scored 1 goal.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Highlights: Senators @ Canadiens


(12-15-2) Ottawa Senators 1-4 Montreal Canadiens (18-8-2)

Last night in Montreal, The Canadiens had a fast start to the game against the Sens by scoring a goal on the powerplay from Mike Cammalleri. But they slowed down from there as with 8.5 seconds to go in the first Nick Foligno scored the tieing goal on the powerplay.  So after one the score is 1-1. There was 0 goals in the second even though Montreal had a 5 minute and a 4 minute pwerplay. But in the third the Habs would wake up. It was a 2 on 1 for Lapierre and Halpern and Lapierre played it right to Halpern who buried it to give the Habs the lead.

Then the Habs on a 2 on 1 again, Gionta had the puck and shot it past Leclaire to make it 3-1. Shortly after that Leclaire left the game due to skate problems. So Elliot took over. But he didn't do well. As Gionta took a nice shot off  Elliot's mask and then Hamirlik batted it out of mid air to mkae it 4-1 and that is your final. In this game, the Habs won because of Price's great play in the second as he made 13 second period saves and made a total of 27 saves."We've said all year that our goalie's given us a chance to win every game," Halpern said.

"When we've had a couple of lulls in our season, he's come out with unbelievable performances.He covers up a lot of mistakes that we make as a team, but he also gives us confidence to feel good about the way we're playing and to get on things." With this win the Habs have won 3 games in a row and currently sit in a comfortable spot in the East as they are in third and are 1 point away from second which is the team the Habs nocked out in round 1 of the playoffs last season (the Washington Capitals). The Habs next game will be Fiday against the Wings.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Sunday, December 5, 2010


According to sources, Habs Defenseman Andrei Markov will be out for the rest of the season with a torn ACL. The doctor that will be working on his left Knee is Doctor James Andrew.

Quick injury update written By Andrew Di Pardo

Highlights: Sharks @ Canadiens


(12-9-4) San Jose Sharks 1-3 Montreal Canadiens (17-8-2)

Yesterday afternoon in Montreal, the Canadiens once again had everything going there way as they were able to beat the Sharks 3-1. 6 minutes into the game, Poulits shot went wide but it went right to Darche who buried it to make it 1-0. Then with 6 minutes to go in the period, Ferriero scores on a bad play by Price. Price played around his own net and Ferriero would get Price out of position to score the goal that tied it. But Price would reaspond as kept the Habs in this one as the Sharks were throwing everything at him but he kept the game tied. Then with 6 minutes to go in the second, Plekanec takes the puck from behind the Sharks net and Dekes out 3 players and fires it past Niemi to give the Habs the lead.

Then in the third, Hamirlik had a breakawy and it was stopped but Cammalleri was there to put in the reabound as the Habs win this one 3-1 is your final. What a game for Price, he stopped 26 of 27 shots for the win."We knew coming in they were a very good defensive team probably with the best goaltender in the league right now, you have to score more than one," said Sharks coach Todd McLellan. "Thought some of our guys that we count on, our key players offensively didn't have their legs and didn't skate and as a result weren't as effective offensively as we needed them to be."

The Habs next game will be Tuesday aginst the Senators.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Friday, December 3, 2010


(16-8-2) Montreal Canadiens 5-1 New Jersey Devils (8-15-2)

Last night in New Jersey, the Canadiens were just to strong for the Devils. As the Canadiens had good pressure in front of the Devils Net, They had great goaltending from Price (made 27 saves on 28 shots) and they were able to score goals. It all started 15 seconds into the first, when Brian Gionta scored on a rebound to make it 1-0. Just 1 minute later, Lars Eller took the puck from end to end on his own and scored a nice rap-around goal to make it 2-0. Then in the second, the Habs got 3 more goals from, Gomez,Pyatt and Pouliot to make it 5-0. Arnott would score a 3rd period goal to break Price's shutout. But the Canadiens would win 5-1 is your final.

"We all knew it wasn't good enough yesterday," Eller said. "It was mistakes that are easily fixed. We also quickly forgot about it. We've been good a coming back after a loss, and I think we showed that again. We were ready from the start today."

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Highlights: Oilers @ Canadiens


(8-12-4) Edmonton Oilers 4-3 Montreal Canadiens (15-8-2)

Last night in Montreal, the Oilers played well against the Habs as they rallied down 3-1 to win it 4-3 in overtime. It all started back in the first, the Habs got on the board first with a Goal by Gomez. But the Oilers tied it up with a goal from Foster. But in the second the Habs took temporally control with 2 goals from Darche and Hamirlik. But the Oilers didn't give up. In the third they got a couple of goals to tie it. One from Hemsky and one from Gagne. So both teams grab a point. Were off to overtime. In overtime, Penner stoll the puck from Subban and had a breakaway and he scored to win it for the Oilers. 4-3 is your final.

"I like to think it was karma because of the saves that Price made on me earlier, with a chance like that especially in overtime, the puck was rolling and I kind of just sprinted towards it," Penner said. "I just made sure I knocked it ahead, it was a play that you see happen a lot in overtime." In the loss, Carey Price made 29 saves. In the win, Dubnyk made 36 saves."It's exciting, we were fighting pretty hard in the third and to be able to comeback, we've had struggles following up wins with wins," Gagner said. "To come back to tie the game and have Pens win it was huge." The Habs next game is tonight against the Devils.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo