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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Get ready, it's Round 2 between Jaroslav Halak and the Montreal Canadiens against Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins.“We’re playing one of the best team’s in the NHL, the defending Stanley Cup champions,”said Canadiens head coach Jacques Martin. “They’re at their best right now and they have a lot of stars in their lineup. It’s a huge challenge for us and we’re going to be ready.” The way Montreal is going to prepare for this series is Kirk Mueller and Jacques Martin are going to talk to the Canadiens players about how to stop Crosby and Malkin. If you look at round 1 between the Habs and Caps, the Habs held Semin( a 40 goal scorer) to no goals and they held Ovechkin to just 5 goals and 5 assist. Which is something that teams have a hard time doing. But the question is can they Contain Crosby and Malkin just like they contained Ovechkin and Semin?

“We knew Washington was going to be as tough as can be and we know that this is a huge uphill battle for us, but at the same time, we’re the type of team that looks forward to that,” explained Moore. “We know it’s a challenge and that’s what we’re looking forward to it.” Game 1 of this series is tomorrow night at 7:00pm e.t on CBC and RDS.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo


With the Canadiens game 7 win against the Capitals, the Habs will now go on to face another star. First it was Ovechkin and now it's Crosby. If Montreal is going to win this series they will have to shut down Crosby. Which is something that the Senators couldn't do in round 1. That's the first key. Another key is Jaroslav Halak needs to play just like he did in round 1. If Halak plays like that Montreal will win.If you look at the season series between these 2 teams, the Penguins won the series 3-1 because once again they couldn't contain Crosby. I think Montreal will win the series in 6 games

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Round 2 Playoff schedule
Game 1 Apr. 30 MTL @ PIT 7 pm E.t
Game 2 May 2 MTL @ PIT 2 pm E.t
Game 3
May 4 PIT @ MTL
7 pm E.t
Game 4
May 6 PIT @ MTL 7 pm E.t
Game 5* May 8 MTL @ PIT 7 pm E.t
Game 6*
May 10 PIT @ MTL 7 Pm E.t
Game 7* May 12 MTL @ PIT TBD
All time ET Games marked in BOLD mean games in Montreal . *If necessary

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Tonight in Washington, the Montreal Canadiens have made history once again with a 2-1 victory over the Caps in Game 7. This was the first time in NHL history that a 8th seed has come back down 3 games to 1 to win a series." The difference was Halak again," Cammalleri (who for the first time this series did not get a point) said." We played a little bit more hang on hockey than we wanted to. But Jaro was solid and we had some gutsy efforts from some guys." What Mike Cammalleri means by "gutsy efforts" is the 42 blocked shots that Montreal had in the win and all the penalties that Montreal has killed (32 of 33 powerplays) against a team who was number 1 in the league in powerplay percentage. But the reason why Montreal won the series was because of Halak who made 41 saves on 42 shots in the win.

"After I got pulled in game number 3 I said to myself whatever happens happens,"Halak (who is 11-0-1 when facing 40 shots and more)said. "Then after we were trialling the series 3-1 I said to myself before game 5, that we have nothing to lose because they are the number 1 team in the league so I just wanted to go out there and have fun and do my best. And it worked." In the win, Bergeron(1st on the powerplay) and Moore (2nd) scored for Montreal. The Canadiens round 2 opponent is the the defending Champs the Pittsburgh Penguins. Game 1 of that series will be Sunday May 2nd 2010 at 2:00 pm E.t on CBC,NBC and RDS.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


With Halak's great performance in game 6, the Montreal Canadiens snapped there 6 game home playoff losing streak and more importantly the Habs have come from done 3-1 to tie the series at 3-3."Yeah I've seen a performance like that before. It was Friday night in Washington and I think his name was Halak," smiled Cammalleri. "And he did it again tonight." Not only has Halak played well but he broke the Habs record of 49 saves in a regulation playoff game that was by Ken Dryden in 1971 by getting 53 saves. Halak is the reason why Montreal made the playoffs in the first place and why they are not out of the playoffs yet.

“The win. That’s what I liked best about the game,” stated Halak. “No one even gave us a chance to win tonight, but we stuck to the game plan and we were playing hard and it paid off. It’s a great feeling but we’ve still got one more game ahead of us and now we’ve got to get ready."The Habs have only came back down 3 games to 1 to win a series once in franchise history set back in round 1 of the 2004 playoffs against the Boston Bruins. Can they do it again? We will find out tomorrow.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Other important facts:

The Habs lost at home in game 3. Which means if Montreal wins this series it will be the first time they won a series after losing game 3 on home ice.


Last night in Montreal, the Montreal Canadiens once again avoided elimination with a 4-1 due to great play by Halak (53 saves)."Huge saves. Big, big time saves," said Montreal winger Brian Gionta. "We got two early goals, we wanted to get the lead, and then he shut the door. It was him from that point on. And it wasn't just the amount of shots, he faced a lot of quality shots. He's unbelievable." Mike Cammalleri opened the scoring with two quick goals (one of them assisted by P.K Subban). But the Habs weren't done there. Early in the third period, Maxime Lapierre scored his first ever goal to put Montreal up by 3. The Capitals added a late goal to make it 3-1. But Plekanec answerd back with a empty net goal.

"I saw Mike out there and got it to him and he put it on the net," said Subban (about his assist). "Like Don Cherry says, put the puck on net an and good things happen." Game 7 of this series will be on Wednesday on TSN, Versus and RDS.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Round 2:

If Montreal Advances:

Pittsburgh(4) V.s Montreal(8)
Boston (6) V.s Philadelphia (7)

If Washington adavances:

Washington (1) V.s Philadelphia (7)

Pittsburgh(4) V.s Boston (6)

Monday, April 26, 2010


Today in Montreal, the Habs announced that they have called up P.K Subban from the Hamilton Bulldogs(AHL team).In two games with the Canadiens this season, Subban has 2 assists."I will decide by game time if Subban will be in our lineup," Martin said. Even though Martin said Subban will be a game time decision, I think you expect to see P.K Subban in a Habs uniform in tonights must win game 6 against the Capitals.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Last night in Washington, it was do or die for Montreal as they trailed the series 3-1. But like Price said before the game they weren't going down without a fight. The Habs got off to a great start with 2 goals in less than 10 minutes from Mike Cammalleri (3rd goal) and Travis Moen (1st goal was the game winner). But thats all they had in the game. As the Canadiens put Halak in net to start the game and he played almost perfect with a total of 37 saves on 38 shots to grab the Habs a 2-1 win to keep them in the playoffs.But it wasn't only Halak who played well. The Habs played exactly the way they had to play to win. Which is playing desprite hockey and playing as a team."I liked our hunger, I liked our desperation," said Cammalleri, who is the only Canadiens player to get a point in all five games of the series. "It felt like we wanted to make sure we got to go home to play another one."

A few days ago Ovechkin (who had a goal in Game 5) said that Halak looked nervous in the net. But Halak finaly commented on what he said and Jaroslav Halak said he can talk all he wants."You know what? He can say what he wants," Halak said. "If you squeeze the bottle, your hand's going to shake. That's what I think. I don't think I was nervous. It was the same thing tonight, and I was squeezing the bottle the same way."Halak is right in a sense that he can talk all he wants because hey, looked at how Halak played last night. I'm sure Ovechkin is wishing he never said anything about Halak right about now.

Game 6 of this series will be on Monday night at 7:00pm E.t on TSN, Versus and RDS.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ovechkin snows a kid Video

Last night, During the Pre-game ceremonies in game 4 Ovechkin decided to go up to a kid and put snow on him


Last night in Montreal, the Canadiens were looking tie up the series. But even though they played really well they still couldn't get it done as they lose by the score of 6-3 and are now down 3 games to 1 in the series."We can go there and upset them," Gill said. "We did it before and we should have done it again. We've got to go and bring our game, and bring it for 60 minutes." In the loss, Brian Gionta(2nd), Mike Cammalleri(2nd) and Dominic Moore(1st) scored for Montreal and Carey Price made 32 saves on 36 shots. As for the Capitals, Ovechkin (2 goals),Knuble(2 goals), Chimera and Backstrom scored for the Caps (2 goals were on the empty net). Varlamov made 35 saves in the win. But the truth is is that the Capitals won this game due to goaltending. If they would have had Theodore in net the Habs would have won.

I can't blame our effort, it was excellent," said Montreal coach Jacques Martin. "But if you make mistakes, they've got the skill and talent to capitalize.Ovechkin and Backstrom are elite players and if they get chances, they take advantage." Game 5 will be on Friday at 7:00 pm on TSN and or RDS.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


With Halak being pulled in Game 3 after giving up 3 goals on 13 shots, there is a lot of questioning about who will start for Montreal in Game 4. When Price came in he played great and he made 21 saves on 23 shots.“Our goalie situation isn’t what our problem is right now. With either of them in there we have a chance to win every night,” said Martin. “If you look at how this series has unfolded so far, goaltending isn’t the reason we find ourselves behind today. For tomorrow’s game, I’ll figure out who is the best one to get the start.”

But if you compare Price to Halak, Halak has better stats than Price. Carey Price played in 41 games and he had 13 wins 20 losses and 5 overtime losses with 0 shutouts for the first time in his 3 season career. Then if you look at Jaroslav Halak, he has played in 45 games and he has 26 wins, 13 losses and 5 overtime losses with 5 shutouts (his career high). Now lets look at playoff stats. In just 6 playoff games, Halak has 1 win (game 1 v.s the Caps) and 3 losses. As for Price, he has played in 16 games and he had 5 wins and 10 losses with 1 shutout. I think Montreal will go with Price in game 4.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo


Last night in Montreal, the Canadiens got off to a good start by controlling the first period. But in the second it was a different story. Halak was pulled after the 3rd goal on just the 13th shot. So Carey Price came in and allowed just 1 goal in the second to go down 4-0. But the Habs got back to their game plan in the third.They even scored a powerplay goal by Plekanec. But it was too late. As the game was still 4-1 late in the game until the Capitals added a goal in the final minute to add insult to injury as the Habs lost 5-1 and trail the series just by one game.“These guys are good. They didn’t score over 100 more goals than anyone else during the regular season for nothing,” said Price after making 21 saves on 23 shots he faced. “We can’t get frustrated or make any mistakes because a team like this makes you pay. That’s just the way it is.”

In the win, Boyd Gordon,Brooks Laich ,Eric Fehr,Alex Ovechkin and Matt Bradley scored and Varlamov made 27 saves for the Capitals."It felt good to come into a hostile environment like this and play well," said Washington forward Eric Fehr. "It was crazy.We got a break on Gordon's goal and that turned it around for us."With the Canadiens trailing this series 2-1, the Habs will have to do something they've never done before. Which is to win a series after losing game 3."It's the playoffs, it doesn't matter if the score is 10-1 or 3-2, it's one game," said Plekanec. "We'll regroup." So now the question is who will start game 4 for Montreal? Will it be Halak or Price? I think they will go with Price due to coming off the bench and in to the game with a great performance.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Monday, April 19, 2010


Today in Montreal, the Habs announced that Glen Metropolit might be back in the lineup for game 3.Glen has been out since March 27 when he suffered a tear in a shoulder. If Metropolit comes back in the lineup, then the Habs will only have 1 injured player. And that's Paul Mara who will be out for the rest of the Playoffs with a shoulder injury."Glen brings experience and gives us depth," said Martin. "He's a centre who can take faceoffs and he's done well for us on the power play. "Martin also said that Glen will be game time decision.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo


Today in Montreal, the Canadiens announced that Halak will start for Montreal. As for the Capitals, they have not yet announced which goaltender will start(it will be either Theodore or Varlamov)."I think we said before this series started that if we were to go anywhere in this we would probably have to use both goalies," Boudreau said. "I'm sure we're still going to use both goalies, whether[Varlamov plays Monday or Theodore plays Monday, I think they're both going to play again." Varlamov entered game 2 with the Capitals trailing 2-0 (on 2 goal allowed on 2 shots that Theodore faced). Varlamov lead the Capitals to a 3 goal comeback and a 6-5 win in o.t. So I think it's no doubt that he will start in game 3.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Last night in Washington, the Montreal Canadiens got off to a good start, by getting 2 goals on 2 shots (from Gionta and Kostitsyn) which lead to the Capitals making a goaltending change (Theodore out, Varlamov in). The change sparked the Caps, as Fehr scored to put them within one going into the intermission. Then just 10 minutes into period number two, Andrei Kostitsyn put home his second of the night to put Montreal up 3-1. Just a little while after that it was Andrei Kostitsyn with the hat-trick on the powerplay to put Montreal up three goals. So it's over right? The answer is no. As the Capitals came back the other way and Backstrom scored to put them within 2. In the third period, Bradley took a shot right on Halak and Halak had it. But Ovie came in and took a poke at the pads and it went in for Ovechkin got credit for the goal. But the Caps weren't done there. As Backstrom scored again to tie it at 4-4.

Then with 5 minutes to go, Plekanec scored to give Montreal the lead again at 5-4. But with a minute 21 to go, Carlson tied the game with a simple wrist shot that I think Halak should have had. But once more we were off to overtime. Just 30 seconds in Backstrom scored to get the Capitals a 6-5 win and he gets himself a hat-trick."We just need to play our game," Ovechkin (who after a game with no shots he came right back and got 4 points) said. "It doesn't matter how they're going to play, if we play our game and finish checks, shoot the puck, go to the net, we're going to win. If we play the same way we played in the third period, we're going to be successful." But even though Montreal lost they think they got the job done."We came here for one and we got our one," said winger Michael Cammalleri, who had three assists. "Now it's time to go home and play. I liked our team, I think we did a lot of good things."

Game 3 will be on Monday at 7:00pm E.t/ 4:00pm P.c on TSN, Versus and RDS.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

tied 1-1

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Friday after the Capitals practiced, Mike Green talked about Jaroslav Halak not playing against his team until game 1 (when Halak made 45 saves in the 3-2 Overtime victory)."We didn't know what to expect from him," Green said. "We hadn't faced him, we didn't know his habits and we didn't expect him to come out and play that well." In other words, he is pretty much saying that because the Habs finished in 8th he didn't think that Montreal had good goaltending.

I can tell you something about this series, if the Habs win it's because they shut down Ovie, if they score when it's five on five and if Halak can make 35-45 saves a night."This year’s playoffs are a perfect example of the parity that exists in the game today,” explained Martin. “I mean, seven games all decided by one goal tells you all you need to know. Every game is a battle. I think a lot of series are going to go the distance and that’s good for the fans and good for hockey."Martin also talked not getting too carried away with just one win.

“You can’t be satisfied or let up after one game. You need four to win a series,” reminded Martin. “We can’t kick up our feet and relax now – especially not against a dangerous team like the Capitals. They just have so many ways to hurt you. We also can’t play on our heels, either. He have to be even hungrier to win Game 2.” Game 2 will be tonight at 7:00 pm E.t on TSN, VERSUS and RDS.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo


Today in Washington, Carey Price talked about his role on the Montreal Canadiens."I kind of understand the situation and I do see a bigger picture," Price said of his backup role. "What I do now can lead to my next step, so all I can do is stay humble and keep working as hard as I can. When he's playing well it makes me want to play better, and when I'm playing well it makes him want to play better. That's just how it is. If you have that healthy relationship, it just pushes you to be better." In my opinion, Carey Price didn't play bad when he played. But then again when you look at the stats, Carey Price hasn't won for more than 2 months. Then if you look at Halak, he has won as of late and the Habs do play better in front of him.

Carey Price played in 41 games and he had 13 wins 20 losses and 5 overtime losses with 0 shutouts for the first time in his 3 season career. Then if you look at Jaroslav Halak, he has played in 45 games and he has 26 wins, 13 losses and 5 overtime losses with 5 shutouts (his career high). Now lets look at playoff stats. In just 4 playoff games, Halak has 1 win (latest win v.s the Caps) and 1 loss. As for Price, he has played in 15 games and he had 5 wins and 10 losses with 1 shutout. So Price has more experience but the Habs play better in front of Halak. So I think Martin made the right decision by putting Halak in net for the playoffs.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Friday, April 16, 2010


Last night in Washington, it was Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs between the Montreal Canadiens and the Washington Capitals. There has been many predictions from Broadcasters saying that Montreal doesn't have a chance to win. But guess who won last night. It was the Montreal Canadiens by the score of 3-2 in overtime with a goal by Tomas Plekanec."That's a huge goal for our team," Plekanec said. "It doesn't matter who scored the goal in the playoffs, everybody just has to do their jobs and that's what we did." Thought the game the Montreal Canadiens stuck to there game plan.Which was to shutdown Ovechkin. They did that alright. They didn't even let him get 1 shot on goal.

"When you have 50 shots on goal and Ovechkin doesn't have any, and you've got four power plays there's something (wrong)," Capitals head coach Bruce Boudreau said. "They took him away pretty good, but I don't think he played very well tonight." In the victory, Plekanec, Cammalleri and Scott Gomez scored and Jaroslav Halak made 45 saves."Jaro was Jaro, he's been so solid for us all year," Cammalleri said. "He has to be that way, it really isn't an option. It's funny, there's been times this year when we've asked him if he wants more shots because he seems to do so well under that barrage." As for the Capitals, Corvo and Backstrom scored and Jose Theodore made 37 saves in the loss.

In my opinion, Montreal got the job done. They played with confidence, were finally able to score when the teams were even at 5 skaters a piece (2 of Montreals goals 5 on 5) and Halak played great. So now lets wait until Saturday night to see if Montreal can extend there lead going back to Montreal.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Just after a day that Caps head coach Bruce Boudreau announced that Jose Theodore will be the starter in this series, Theodore saved a hard shot from Ovechkin in the arm and he had to leave the ice." He just got a stinger from being hit by Ovechkin's shot," Boudreau said." I believe that Theodore should be fine and that he will play in game 1." But the funny thing about this story is they didn't say which arm got hurt. So the question is which side do you shoot on the left or right. If I were the Canadiens coach, I would watch the Capitals pre-game warm up and try to find out which arm Theodore is having trouble moving fast. But I think Theodore's arm that's hurt is his left due to when you watch Ovie shoot he's always shooting to the goalies left. We shall see if I'm right or wrong when you see Theodore's performance.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Today in Montreal, Bergeron talked about what it takes to be create a upset.“I know there are people who are saying we won’t last long in the playoffs, but I really am confident we can win this,”Bergeron said.“In 2006, before we played the Red Wings, I didn’t have this kind of faith.Before that series, I thought maybe we could battle and play with them, but I never would’ve believed it could have gone the way it did. Eventually, we just took control and beat them. I know now that anything really is possible.” The year Bergeron is refering to is when he was on the Oilers and finished in 8th and went all the way to the Stanley Cup final. But unfortunately they lost to the Hurricanes in 7 games.

So in my opinion, if Montreal plays with the amount of confidence that they sound like they have I think they will win the series against the Capitals.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Monday, April 12, 2010


Today R.J Umberger talked about the Canadiens v.s Capitals series and he said be prepared for a upset.They play the wrong way," said Umberger. "They want to be moving all the time. They float around in their zone, looking for breakaways and odd-man rushes. A good defensive team is going to beat them (in the playoffs). If you eliminate your turnovers and keep them off the power play, they're going to get frustrated because they're in their zone a lot." To be honest I think R.J's right. If you compare Montreal to Washington you can see that the Caps are overly powered in offense with no goaltending and the Habs have great goaltending and are great at defense. So think about 1 team JUST have offense and the the other team has everything else so think about it. Who will win? I think Montreal will play spoiler and win in 7 games.

Now on to the starting goalies.Expect Jaroslav Halak to start for Montreal in this series."Our goaltenders did the job for us all year," said Martin. "Tonight against the Leafs was maybe not (Halak's) best performance, but they got us into the playoffs." As for the Capitals, they did not announce their starting goalie."Theo hasn't been named our starter yet," Boudreau said Monday. "If I don't deny it then you're saying it's a truism so I wanted to make a point of saying that. They'll (the goalies) will know and you won't (until Thursday). If I tell you now you'll be asking these guys, digging in for the questions, so if they don't know then how can they tell you. But I can tell you one thing he's not a English speaking person."

Written By Andrew Di Pardo


Round 1 Schedule:

Game 1:Thu, 15 Apr 2010 Canadiens Capitals

Game 2:
Sat, 17 Apr 2010
Canadiens Capitals

Game 3:
Mon, 19 Apr 2010
Capitals Canadiens
7:00 PM TSN(HD), RDS(HD)

Game 4:
Wed, 21 Apr 2010
Capitals Canadiens
7:00 PM TSN(HD), RDS(HD)

Game 5 (If necessary):Fri, 23 Apr 2010
Canadiens Capitals

Game 6( If Necessary):Mon, 26 Apr 2010
Capitals Canadiens

Game 7 (If Necessary):Wed, 28 Apr 2010
Canadiens Capitals
7:00 Pm TSN(HD), RDS(HD)

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Today in Philadelphia, the Flyers beat the Ranagers 2-1 in overtime to make the playoffs and finish in 7th which means Montreal has dropped to 8th and will face the Capitals in the playoffs. The Habs are going in as underdogs of course since the Caps finished in 1st and the Habs finished in 8th.But some good news for Montreal is that they won 2 out of 4 meetings this season against the Capitals.."We did well against the top teams in the East, so hopefully that works out," forward Brian Gionta said.

I think the Habs have played good against the Caps all year.I think they will go with Halak due to his great play as of late. But hey never count out Price since he has won 2 games this year against the Caps. But then again, even though Price has played good as of late. The Habs do not play well when he's in net. But when Halak's in net they play better. So I think Halak will get the start.Anyway the biggest key to beat the Capitals is to shut down Ovie. If they do that they will win. If they don't they will lose. Am I right or wrong? You decide.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

P.s: This series will go to 7 games

2009-2010 Montreal Canadiens vs Washington Capitals

@ Montreal Canadiens
Date Score Game Winning Goal Winning Goalie
10/02/2010 WSH 5 @ MTL 6 (OT) Tomas Plekanec Carey Price
28/11/2009 WSH 4 @ MTL 3 (SO) Nicklas Backstrom Semyon Varlamov
@ Washington Capitals

Date Score Game Winning Goal Winning Goalie
05/01/2010 MTL 2 @ WSH 4 Alexander Semin Michal Neuvirth
20/11/2009 MTL 3 @ WSH 2 Michael Cammalleri Carey Price


Last night in Montreal, Jaroslav Halak won the 2009-2010 Canadiens Molson Cup Award for the best Habs player of the season. Last season(2008-2009), Carey Price won the Molson Cup award. But this season their was no doubt that it would be Halak due to his amazing play as of the past 3 -4 months. In 45 games this season, Halak has 26 wins,13 losses, 5 overtime/ Shootouts losses and he has 5 shutouts. He will be big part of the Habs playoff run this year.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Josh Gorges Wins the 2009-10 Jacques Beauchamp-Molson Trophy

Last night in Montreal, Josh Gorges Wins the 2009-10 Jacques Beauchamp-Molson Trophy award. He was award this trophy because he played the biggest role on the Habs this season. In 82 games this season, Josh Gorges had 3 goals and 7 assist for a total of 10 points. Josh Gorges took this award away from Maxim Lapierre who won the trophy last season. But Gorges deserves this award in my opinion because he's been the Habs most Consistent player.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo


Last night in Montreal, the Montreal Canadiens clinched a playoff spot with a 4-3 overtime loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs. But their has been a concern about the momentum going into the playoffs since the Montreal Canadiens have lost 3 straight."That's a good question," added Cammalleri. "We haven't been a league-leader all year.If we did a panel of you guys (reporters) now, no one would pick us to win a Stanley Cup, but we know that when we play a good game, we can beat anyone. And you never go in thinking you can't win." In the loss, Brian Gionta, Andrei Markov and Marc-Andrei Bergeron all scored for the Habs and Jaroslav Halak made 24 saves in the overtime loss that got Montreal into the post season.

In my opinion, this was the best game the Canadiens have played this hole season by getting chance after chance. But once again the story in this one was that Montreal couldn't score. You can say that they had 3 goals. But the reality is that they out chanced the Leafs and the Leafs were able to grab the win. The Habs hit a total of 3 post's and 2 cross bars."You get in and you go from there," Gionta (who leads Montreal in scoring with 28 goals) said. "Now we have four or five days off to get ready.I like our chances if we play consistent and play hard." The Canadiens make the playoffs and will finish in either 7th or 8th depending on the result in the Ranagers and Flyers game. Who ever wins that game will make the playoffs.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Friday, April 9, 2010


Last night in Carolina, once again Montreal failed to clinch a playoff berth with a 5-2 loss to the Hurricanes. Last night the Hurricanes played well. But in my opinion, it was all Eric Staal as he had 3 goals (10th career hat-trick) and 2 assist in the victory."Any time you can score three goals in a game, it's pretty cool. And it's not easy," Staal said. "You've got to have the right things happen for you. You've got to have the right guys playing with you, making great plays. That was the case tonight." As for the way Montreal played, it was a pathetic site. As the Canadiens were playing almost as bad as the Leafs played the night before against the Rangers in the sense that they were out-shot through out the whole game, the gave up the puck numerous times and they weren't playing with urgency.

"We just didn't play a good team game," Canadiens coach Jacques Martin said. But don't worry if the Flyers (who are 1 point back of Montreal) win tonight in regulation against the Rangers the Habs and Flyers will clinch a playoff spot. If they don't win, Montreal will have to beat Toronto on Saturday. If they lose against Toronto they will have to hope that the Flyers win the next day (against New York).

Written By Andrew Di Pardo


April 10th 2010 at 7:00pm E.t

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I have some good news on Pat Burns. He's been released from hospital and has returned to Montreal. Pat Burns cousin talked to the media today about reports about Pat Burns."I heard a report he's at death's door. I don't think so. He's a tough Irishman. He's not ready to go yet,” Robin Burns said. According to reports Pat Burns is feeling better.In other news, there has been a lot of talk about Pat Burns being put in to the hockey hall of fame and people in Montreal have put up a site to try to put him in the hall of fame. The site is

Written By Andrew Di Pardo


Today in Tampa Bay, the NHL announced that Pat Burns was sent to hospital last Sunday (his 58th birthday). Sources say it might have something to do with his Lung Cancer but nobody knows for sure except for his doctor. I hope he will be alright. The last public appearance was 2 weeks ago when Harper announced that Quebec named a arena after him.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo


Last night in New York, the Leafs did not want to clinch the Canadiens and the Flyers a playoff spot as they played terrible the score tells the story (Rangers 5-1 Leafs). The Leafs kept giving up the puck and they barley had chances to score but they were rewarded for their terrible play by blown out to the Rangers."It's disappointing that our team didn't come out ready to play," said Phaneuf(who scored in the loss). "It's unacceptable at this time of the year." If the Leafs were to win this game they would've gave the Habs and Flyers a free pass to the post season. But instead both Montreal and Philadelphia will have to do it on their own. The Habs can clinch with a win or a overtime loss tonight against the Hurricanes. As the Flyers can do it tomorrow with a win against guess who? The New York Rangers.

"We wanted to make the Philly games count -- and they do now," Rangers coach John Tortorella said. "You don't have to look at the board anymore. It is in front of us now." In the win,Erik Christensen (had 2 goals),Vinny Prospal,Olli Jokinen and Aaron Voros all scored for New York and Lundqvist made 26 saves. The Leafs next game will be against the Montreal Canadiens on Saturday night. As the Ranagers(as I said before) will play the Flyers on Friday.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Last night in Long Island, the New York Islanders beat the Montreal Canadiens in a shootout by the final of 4-3. Due to the loss, the Montreal Canadiens do not clinch a playoff spot. But the Habs might be able to go into there next game clinched as long as the New York Rangers loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs."I was looking at the scoreboard in the third period.I saw the Rangers were down, but we were trying to focus on our game,"Tomas Plekanec said about the Rangers 5-2 loss to the Sabers.

"I thought the Islanders came out and played really hard," Canadiens coach Jacques Martin said. "We knew that they've been playing well lately. I thought we raised our level of intensity and we let the game slip away. They're a good young team and they work hard. We knew it wasn't going to be easy." Brian Gionta, Tomas Plekanec and Maxim Lappierre all had a goal and Jaroslave Halak made 39 saves in the loss. But Halak was unable to make a save in the shootout which lead Montreal to the loss. But I'm not blaming Halak. I never blame the goalies. The Habs lost because they collapsed defensively in the third period. If you look back at the last 5 minutes the Habs gave up at least 8 turnovers. They seemed to be off their game. But like I said the Leafs can get Montreal in with a win over New York which will be on TSN tonight at 7:00pm E.t

The Shootout

Matt Moulson NYI Goal
Maxim Lapierre MTL Save
Frans Nielsen NYI Goal
Michael Cammalleri MTL post

Scores to keep an eye on:

2-0 Leafs Final

5-2 Rangers Final

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

Monday, April 5, 2010


1st Star HALAK:

Today in Montreal, the NHL announced that Jaroslave Halak of Montreal is the 1st star of the week. Halak was the first the goaltender in 4 years to post back to back shutouts and I think that's why he won.“I think everyone deserves credit for these two shutouts,” said Halak. “We just played two tough games and the guys didn’t give the Flyers or the Sabres any good scoring chances. They were constantly blocking shots; they didn’t give them anything.”

2nd Star S.KOIVU:

This week former Montreal captain Saku Koivu has been named the second star of the week since he has been keeping the Ducks in the hunt for a playoff spot. He had four goals, four assists and a shootout winning goal this past week."We just need the points," Koivu said. " After a win we need to forget it as quick as possible and wait and be ready for the next one." SAKU KOIVU
has 49 points (19 goals, 30 assists) and he leads the team with 6 game winning goals.

3rd Star RASK:

T. Rask was named the NHL's 3rd star of the week due to great play that has kept the Bruins just 2 points back of Montreal for that 6th spot in the east."We're fighting for our lives right now," Boston coach Claude Julien said. "It's pretty obvious that those points are huge. That first point gave us something and we really had to work hard to get that second. Look around the league tonight. Teams that are chasing us also won. Every game has to be about desperation." Rask has just gave up 2 goals in 3 games this last week.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo