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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


            With the NHL lockout in full throttle, Habs captain Brian Gionta and Star Goalie Carey Price spoke about how frustrated they are with the lockout. "Its definitely frustrating. We had a long summer and we sat and stewed last year and got ready for a quick start. Were just sitting here idling right now so yea its frustrating," Carey Price said. With all the reports of a possible full season NHL lockout, the Habs captain  Brian Gionta still has hope that there will be a season.

        "Threes still hope that it can happen," Gionta said. " But now were just doing what we can do." Gionta also talked about his thoughts on the NHL holding their ground and not giving in to what the players want to lead to a lockout."It seemed very evident on their side that they to push it this far," Gionta said about the NHL lockout. "Unfortunately, when a side has their mind set to go this far and not hold back, its tough."

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

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