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Thursday, September 20, 2012


            Today in Montreal, Habs owner Goff Molson and former Habs star Guy Lafleur spoke about the lockout. Molson is very optimistic that it will be a short lockout."For the league to be healthy, for the economic system to be good for all teams, there must be adjustments, as Gary mentioned," Molson told reporters at the Royal Montreal Golf Club. "The 30 owners are standing together and are united and they support Gary's approach." Guy on the other hand thinks it can go for a while.

          "The players are being unfair," Lafleur said. "The revenue shouldn't be 57% for the players it should be 50, 50. Lets split the pie in half. But the players don't want to do that."  I agree with Guy in the sense that the NHL should split the revenue half and half. But the players are being stubborn and they want what they want and they will not play until they get it. So I think that it will be a long lockout.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

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