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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


                  This afternoon in Montreal, Marc Bergivin names Michel Therrien Head Coach of the Montreal Canadiens for a second time. Therrien parted ways with the Canadiens on Januray 17th 2003, but now he`s back.“Things went quickly for me when I was 38. I started my career as a young coach, I coached in the juniors, then I coached in the AHL and then all of a sudden I found myself behind the bench in the NHL,” explained Therrien. “But I did it and I’m proud I did it. I coached with the passion, intensity and knowledge that I had at that time. I now have a lot more experience, I’m much more ready than I was before, and I can’t wait to face this challenge.” Therrien coaches the Habs from 2000-2003 and lead Montreal to miss the Palyoffs in 2001 and he lead Montreal past the first round in 2002 before getting fired in 2003.

         In the 05-06 season, Therrien was named the coach of the Pittsburgh Penguins and in that year his team missed the playoffs. The following season he led the Penguins to Playoffs but they didn`t make it far as they fell in round 1. During the 2008 Playoffs the tied would change as he lead Pittsburgh to the Stanley Cup Final against the Detroit Red Wings. The Penguins would lose in 6 games. In the 08-09 season, Therrien coached for 57 games before being fired. This result leads us to today, when Michel Therrien will be back behind the bench as a coach of the Montreal Canadiens.“ I look at the fact that I coached here before as being a big advantage for me. I know exactly what to expect,”Said Therrien.

          “Concerning the team, my intention is to bring back the intensity, the pride and the discipline. Concerning our fans, I want to make sure that every time they come to the Bell Centre, they’ll be able to cheer for a team that’s working their hardest.”

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

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