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Monday, February 6, 2012



MTL:   M. Pacioretty (18:02 - 1st) , A. Emelin (SHG, 07:20 - 2nd) , T. Plekanec (PPG, 11:28 - 2nd)

WPG: O. Pavelec (L)
 MTL: C. Price (W)

                      Yesterday afternoon in Montreal, the Habs took on the Jets in what was a must win game for the Habs. With under 2 minutes to go in the first, Pacioretty centred the puck and it went off of Pavelec and into the net to make it 1-0 Montreal. 8 minutes into the second, Plekanec brought the puck up shorthanded and played it to Emelin (on the left wing) and he one-timed a shot past Pavelec to make it 2-0 Habs lead. 4 minutes later with the Habs on a powerplay, Plekanec fired a shot from the slot and it beat Pavelec to make it 3-0. But the question was, did Gomez tip the puck in since he was standing in front. It took 10 minutes to announce, but it was credited to Plekanec. So Gomez's 52 game goalless drought continued.

            3 minutes into the third,  Enstrom centred the puck to Miettinen and he had an empty net, but Price dove and made the save and he stopped the rebound. As Carey Price made 23 saves for his third shutout of the season."They wanted to make sure that they got the right goal and Scotty on the bench said he didn't think it did (go off him)," Mathieu Darche said of Plekanec's goal. "We're all hoping he's going to score.He's not trying not to score, he's working to score. He's shooting more this year than I've ever seen him shoot. We're behind him," Darche said. "It's not easy but he's been great. All the guys are pulling for him."

           With the win, the Habs are now in 14th in the East are they are 11 points back of the Leafs for 8th in the Eastern Conference with 29 games to go in the season. So if the Habs will have any hope of making the playoffs they will have to get on a win streak and fast."With a goalie like that, we know that if we get a few goals and we play the right way, if there's breakdowns, Carey will be there to make the save," Darche said. "But we can't give those chances. That's what's been so frustrating about the season; we know when we do it we'll be successful because we have the players to be successful and we don't always do it."

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

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