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Saturday, May 10, 2014


          Earlier tonight in Boston, Game 5, series tied at 2-2, Bruins vs Habs.  The Canadiens got off to a good start, using their speed against the big bad Bruins but a "so called" hooking call against Pacioretty at the 4 minute mark gives the Bruins momentum. Pacioretty tapped the sweater of a bruin player with his stick, the player dove and Boston got a powerplay. Eriksson centered the puck to Soderberg and he scored 1-0 Boston. The Habs had 3 powerplays in the first but failed to score. In the final minute of the first, Boychuk through Plekanec into Rask, the goaltender punched him in the face. Only one penalty was called and it was on Montreal. The shots were 9-8 Montreal in the first. 1 minute into the second, Bruins on the powerplay, Hamiltons shot was deflected in by Smith to make it 2-0. Shortly after that, Boychuk went for a hit and Plekanec put his stick up to defend himself and he was given a penalty for high-sticking. On the powerplay, Krug centered the puck to Iginla and he scored, 3-0. Late in the period, Habs on the powerplay, Plekanec's shot was tipped in by Gallagher to cut the lead to 2.
          Gallagher was in the goalies crease, but the goal was allowed. I think it's because of the bad calls made on the Habs, the refs tried to make up for some of the calls. The shots were 13-11 Boston in the second. Eriksson would make it 4-1. Then late in the third, Habs on another powerplay, they pulled Price and Subban scored to cut the lead to 2 and that was as close as they would get. In the final minute, Subban skated by the Bruins bench with the puck and was sprayed in the face by Thornton. A stupid play by the Bruins tough guy... Everyone always says "don't poke the bear" when referring to Boston, but idiotic tactics like what Thornton did, may give some added motivation for the Habs."It hit me in the visor. I couldn't even see the last minute and a half out there," Subban said. "So I was pretty upset about that ... I'm sure if that was me that did it, it would be a different story. I'd probably be on the news for the next three days." 
          In the loss, Price made 26 saves."You back any animal into a corner, it's going to be desperate," Price said calmly. "I think we're going to be a desperate hockey club coming into next game and I think we're excited for the challenge." In the win, Rask made 28 saves."I don't think you can look at tonight and say all of a sudden we found our game." said Julien. "I think we were better tonight but there's another game to win and, I'm being honest here, it's not going to be easy."My prediction, the Habs will win the next game and force a Game 7, as long as the refs make correct calls.

- Andrew Di Pardo

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