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Thursday, May 8, 2014


              Earlier tonight in Montreal, the Canadiens were looking to take a 3-1 series stranglehold against the Boston Bruins and they played well... But they couldn't beat Rask. No score in the first, both teams traded chances but both, Carey Price and Tukka Rask were there to make save after save. The shots were 13-10 Boston. Halfway through the second, the Habs best chance of the game came from Gionta, he had a breakaway but was stopped by Rask. The Bruins hit a goal post in the period as well. So instead of a 1-1 tie, it's still 0-0 after 2. The shots were 12-9 Boston. 9 minutes into the third, with the Bruins on a powerplay, Krug fired a shot off the post. Still no score. Moments later,  Eller centered the puck to Gionta and he was stopped by Rask.

        14-7 were the shots in favor of Montreal in the third, still no score. 1:19 into o.t, Soderbergs shot was stopped and it was a scramble at the net, Price couldn't cover the puck and Fraser would knock the puck in for his first NHL playoff goal as the Bruins win what most were calling a must-win and tie the series at 1-1 and make the series a best of 3. In the win, Rask made 35 saves. In the loss, Price made 32.

- Andrew Di Pardo

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