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Saturday, April 27, 2013



MTL:   L. Eller (18:01 - 1st) , A. Markov (04:19 - 2nd) , B. Gallagher (09:18 - 2nd) , T. Plekanec (02:25 - 3rd)
TOR:   P. Kessel (PPG, 15:36 - 1st)

MTL: P. Budaj (W)
 TOR: J. Reimer (L) , B. Scrivens

         Earlier tonight in Toronto it was the final game of the regular season for the Habs and the Leafs. If Toronto won they would be guaranteed to face Montreal in the playoffs. If the Habs won they would move to second temporarily depending on the result in the Bruins game tomorrow. So what happened? 15 Minutes in, Kessel scored to make it 1-0 Toronto. 3 minutes later, Gallagher centred the puck to Eller and he scored to tie the game. The shots were 9-6 Montreal after 1 and it would only go downhill here for Toronto. 4 minutes into the second, Markovs point shot beat Reimer to give Montreal the lead. They wouldn't stop there.

      A few minutes later Eller centred the puck to Gallagher and he scored to make it 3-1. The shots in the second were 11-1 Montreal. 2 minutes into the third, Plekanec scored to make it 4-1 Montreal and that was it for Reimer as he got the hook after allowing 4 goals on 23 shots. So Scrivens came in to finish the game and he made 5 saves as the Leafs would lose this game 4-1. In the win, Budaj made 16 saves."We wanted to impose the rhythm," Montreal coach Michel Therrien said. "The players did a fantastic job executing the game plan. These are games with a lot of emotion and the type of game you want to play. They executed it fantastically tonight."

       The Bruins lost to the Capitals 3-2 in overtime so now Montreal is in second for now. Tomorrow the Bruins play Ottawa and if the Bruins win, they will face the Leafs in the playoffs and if they lose they will play the Senators in the Playoffs. A Bruins loss tomorrow would mean that the Habs would face the Leafs in the playoffs for the first time since 1979."The idea of (Montreal versus Toronto) is pretty cool," Montreal forward Brendan Gallagher said. "Obviously I'm assuming it would be the most emotional first-round series ever, so that aspect of it is cool."

        "But for us, we don't really care who we're playing. It's about us. It matters what we do and that's all we're talking about. We'll watch the game (Sunday) and find out who we play." A Bruins win tomorrow would also mean that the Habs would play the New York Islanders in round 1 of the playoffs. The Bruins play the Senators tomorrow night at 7:08pm E.t in Boston.

    Written By Andrew Di Pardo

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