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Wednesday, January 23, 2013



FLO:   Tomas Kopecky (PPG, 04:33 - 2nd)
MTL:   Tomas Plekanec (3:26 - 1st), Andrei Markov (13:26 - PPG - 1st), Andrei Markov (8:31 - PPG - 2nd),Alex Galchenyuk  (14:25 - 2nd)

FLO: S. Clemmensen(L)
 MTL: C. Price (W)

        Last night in Montreal, the Canadiens took on the Florida Panthers, a team that won all 4 games against them last season. PK Subban would not be taking part in this game as well, as he is still yet to be signed by Marc Bergevin. 3 minutes into the first,  Gionta centred the puck to Plekanec and he scored five hole on Clemmensen to make it 1-0. 10 minutes later with the Habs on a powerplay, Pacioretty played the puck to Markov at the point and he took a slap shot and scored to make it 2-0. 5 minutes into the second with the Panthers on the powerplay, Fleischemen played the puck to Kopecky at the right circle and he one timed a shot pas Price to cut the lead to 1.

          4 minutes later with the Habs on another powerplay, Diaz played the puck to Markov and he one timed a shot into the back of the net to make it 3-1. With under 6 to play in the second, Prust took a shot from the right wing and it was deflected into the back of the net by rookie Alex Galchenyuk. Thats his first career NHL goal! That would make it 4-1. 2 minutes later, Fleischemen hit Gorges from behind and that lead Ryan White to drop the gloves and take a run at him. He gave Fleischemen 3 sucker punches and was kicked out of the game and given a 5 minute major penalty.That was a gutless move by White. You don't go around sucker punching star players, its one thing if hes a tough guy and another if hes a star player.

     Montreal would go onto win 4-1 and now have a record of 1-1-0 with 46 games to go. "To have a crowd like that was just phenomenal," said Galchenyuk about his 1st career goal. "Every single guy (on the bench) congratulated me, but it was only the second period and I had to stay focused.It was nice to get the first one out of the way." In the win, Price made 27 saves. In the loss, Clemmensen made 29 saves. Montreal doesn't look like they need Subban if Markov stays healthy. Markov is a great defenseman who is rarley caught out of position and he has a hell of a shot as we saw last night with his 2 goals.

    "Every goal and win is special," said Markov. "I'm happy to be back and happy to be healthy and I'm just enjoying playing, especially here in front of our fans."Subban on the other hand is a player who is often caught out of position due to his ability to rush the puck. So at this point in time I don't see any reason why Montreal would be in a rush to sign him. For now Diaz will take his place.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

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