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Monday, November 19, 2012


           With the Off-Season over and there being no NHL season as of yet, it has give Habs defenseman PK Subban some more time to think about where he wants to play. The Montreal Canadiens offered Subban, $5.5 Million for 2 years which was rejected, then they offered $12.5 Million for 3 years and Subban was considering it but ultimately never signed on the dotted line. Now the Philadelphia Flyers have been showing interest in the Young defenseman asking about his availability. The Habs said that he is unavailable at the time, but if they are to get a few draft picks and Forward Sean Couturier, a deal may happen. But its highly unlikely.

     There have also been reports that the Edmonton Oilers are interested. It has been rumoured that the Oilers are willing to give up Nail Yakupov for Subban. Montreal is no doubt in need of offense, but at what cost? Can they really afford to give up Subban, the teams best defenseman? I don't think so. But my sources tell me it may not be entirely up to Montreal. Subban is money hungry, and is willing to take the highest offer and sign it. So there is a possibility that if Montreal doesn't trade him they may lose him anyway by the time the lockout is done due to Free Agency. So they may need to up their offer if they really want to keep Subban in their town.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

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