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Monday, July 2, 2012


         Today in Montreal, Canadiens GM Marc Bergivan announced that he had re-signed Goalie Carey Price to a 6-Year $39 million dollar contract."It kind of made sense to me," Price said."It will take me to until I'm 30 years old and generally that's about the peak of goaltenders, so I'm hoping by then to have a couple of Stanley Cups and have a good re-negotiation when I'm 30." Some fans and reporters have said that due to the amount that Prices is making he will have tremendous pressure on him."There's a tremendous amount of pressure on us no matter what you're making, so it might make you a target a little more," he said." But being a goaltender, I'm used to that anyway."In 5 seasons with the Montreal Canadiens, Price has a Regular Season  record of  124-104-35 with 16 shutouts. In the Playoffs, Price has a record of 8-15-0 with 3 shutouts.

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

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