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Wednesday, March 7, 2012



MTL:   T. Plekanec (PPG, 19:56 - 1st) , M. Pacioretty (09:28 - 2nd) , L. Eller (08:57 - 3rd) , M. Pacioretty (12:06 - 3rd)
CGY:   D. Moss (10:06 - 1st) , J. Iginla (12:21 - 1st) , M. Giordano (13:44 - 2nd) , J. Iginla (18:42 - 2nd) , C. Glencross (07:16 - 3rd)

MTL: C. Price (L)
 CGY: M. Kiprusoff (W)

            Last night in Calgary, the Flames were 4 points back of 8th going into the game against the Montreal Canadiens, but the tide would soon change for the Flames as they beat Rene Bourque (who made his return to Calgary) and the Habs 5-4. The Flames opened the scoring at 10:04 of the first, when Moss fired a shot past Price from the point. 2 minutes later, Iginla extended the lead to 2-0. But the Habs put up a fight. Late in the first, Plekanec scored on the powerplay to cut the lead to 1.  9 minutes into the second, Pacioretty fired a weak shot to the net (from the left wing) and it beat Kiprusoff to tie the game. Giordano and Iginla would score to give the Flames a 2 goal lead. 7 minutes into the third, Price gave the puck away right to Glencross and he scored to make it 5-2.

            But the Habs gave it their all. Just 2 minutes later, Eller was down on one knee in the slot and he fired the shot into the back of the net to give the Habs some hope. 3 minutes later, Pacioretty sent the puck to the net and it went off the stick of the goaltender and in to cut the lead to 5-4. That's as close as the Habs would get as their long season continues as they lose yet again. "We play hard in spurts and then we make mental errors that always cost us the game," Price said. "That's just the way it's been going this year."

         So I'm sorry to say Habs fans, but the Habs will not make the playoffs this season. We've know this for a while, but I'm saying it now because if the Habs continue to lose it may be good for them. The more they lose, the higher draft pick they will get. As it looks right now they may get a pick in the top 3.Onto the Flames now, this win will put them 2 points out of a playoff spot."We've been going through a tough stretch and sometimes when it goes like that, you just need to get that one to get over that hump," said Iginla. 10. "It's not pretty, but it's still a very important win for us and breaks a bad streak at home and something to build on."

Written By Andrew Di Pardo

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